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Red Rutilated Stamp (Seal)

Red Rutilated Stamp (Seal)

This red-haired crystal seal is covered with red-haired crystals. The actual product is slightly different from the photo.The role and effect of red hair crystal:1. The red hair crystal attracts the main wealth and partial wealth; it can strengthen vitality, self-confidence, and health.2. Adjust female hormones, help treat women's diseases, treat weakness, low blood pressure, lack of luster, fragility and sensitivity. It relieves menstrual pain, harmonizes qi and blood, and is also effective in treating hormonal disorders.3. The red hair crystal represents the energy of fortitude, decisiveness, courage and perseverance, which can help the authority of the energy gem. It is a symbol of wealth. It is also the best in crystal, which means good luck, peace, and a symbol of taste and status.Red hair crystal is a symbol of power and nobility. It can prosper a career and turn right from wrong into a villain. It can bring you luck and is known as a lucky gem. Therefore, the red hair crystal is quite suitable for people who are depressed and have no energy, even sleep can not feel full, lack of concentration, it is quite necessary for the red hair crystal to supplement the magnetic field, the red hair crystal is your best energy supplement, extremely Has significant beauty effects. Hongfajing strengthens personal belief, self-confidence, and decisiveness, enough to give courage to complete impossible tasks. Fajing is a symbol of great power. For the timid, cowardly, and lack of self-confidence, the strong energy of Fajing can make up for the shortcomings.

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Clear Quartz Lotus pair

Clear Quartz Lotus pair

Selected high-quality white crystal carved into lotus, crystal clear, a little cloud, to support the Buddha is the most outstanding!The use of white crystal:1. Main Health: Balancing the individual's body and mind and emotions helps to concentrate and help the family's health. White crystal can make people's minds quiet, harmonious and pure, purify the surrounding energy and the body's own negative energy, bringing good luck.2. Town house evil spirits: White crystal has the role of town house, shop, and evil spirits. For the indoor and outdoor rushing, you can put a crystal ball or a crystal column in the opposite place, which can effectively resolve the rushing.3. On the desk and office desk, according to the principle of "left round right side" or "front round rear side", the crystal ball and the crystal column can be placed on the one hand to prevent harassment by the villain, and on the other hand, to make themselves The world is more harmonious.4. Anti-radiation: Place the crystal ball or crystal cluster on the computer, TV, microwave oven, electrical products, or around, to reduce its radiation and protect the human body from interference.5. Improve memory: White crystal will produce a continuous and stable vibration frequency in the light, so white crystal has the function of clearing the mind, enhancing memory and understanding. White crystal can open the mind, develop potential, fit students, improve memory and understanding, and develop intelligence. It is also suitable for people who need to keep their minds clear at all times.6. Balance the body energy: White crystal is the most stable and purest of all crystal types, and it is also the combination of all color energy. It is the best choice for balancing energy in the body. 7. Improve the aura's stimulating potential: White crystal has its pure energy, effectively improving the free aura, stimulating the potential, and nurturing the body to make the spirit more peaceful.