Genuine Tourmaline, Peridot Sterling silver Bracelet

Genuine Tourmaline, Peridot Sterling silver Bracelet

This multi color Tourmaline bracelet is very colorful, clear. Very good quality of Tourmaline. It is very good combination with Peridot and small pearl.
The Tai-Chi Sterling silver dangle make this a unique item.

Peridot: Increase, prosperity, warmth, well-being.
Pink Tourmaline: Love, emotional healing
Rubellite (Red Tourmaline): Alignment of the individual and Universal heart, healing the heart and the emotions, rekindling one’s passion for life
Green Tourmaline: Healing, strength, vitality, wholeness
Watermelon Tourmaline: Calm, joy
Blue Tourmaline: Higher awareness, communication
Golden Tourmaline: Will, confidence, inner strength
Dravite (Brown Tourmaline): Self-acceptance, self-healing, bringing the shadow self to consciousness, self-love




(L) 20cm

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Peridot Tourmaline

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