Genuine Clear Quartz with Aquamarine Rock Bracelet

Genuine Clear Quartz with Aquamarine Rock Bracelet

This Clear Quartz Bracelet is made by irregular shaped beads with 6mm and 14mm Aquamarine beads. It is natural gemstone not man-made.
Clear Quartz shines bright, clear beautiful white light. It clears your negative thoughts, emotions and energy. It can increase one’s intention and enhance memory. Magnification of ambient energies.


43.4g (~2oz)
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 Aquamarine  Clear Quartz


The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin aqua (water) and mare (sea).

Aquamarine is one of our most popular and best-known gemstones, and distinguishes itself by many good qualities. It is almost as popular as the classics; ruby, sapphire and emerald. In fact it is related to the emerald both belonging to the beryl family. The colour of aquamarine, however, is usually more even than that of the emerald. Much more often than its famous green cousin, aquamarine is almost entirely free of inclusions.

Aquamarine has good hardness (7 to 8 on the Mohs scale) and a wonderful shine. That hardness makes it very tough and protects it to a large extent from scratches. Iron is the substance which gives aquamarine its colour, a colour which ranges from an almost indiscernible pale blue to a strong sea-blue.

The more intense the colour of an aquamarine, the more value is put on it. Some aquamarines have a light, greenish shimmer; that too is a typical feature. However, it is a pure, clear blue that continues to epitomise the aquamarine, because it brings out so well the immaculate transparency and magnificent shine of this gemstone.

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