Rhodochrosite Teardrop Pendant in Silver

Rhodochrosite Teardrop Pendant in Silver

No burning, no dyeing, no optimization treatment, 18K white gold plated Sterling Silver frame with Genuine Argentina rhodochrosite, this pendant is relatively large, generally Rhodochrosite pendant is not so big, this beautiful, delicate, watery and rose red quality large pendant is rare, Most of large Rhodochrosite pendants have streaks white but not this one. This is a precious collection piece!

In Greek, Rhode is the meaning of rose. Chrosite is the meaning of color. The rhodochrosite is also known by the Incas as the “Inca Rose” or “Stone of the Compassionate Heart”. Rhodochrosite brings joy into your life, heal old wounds and make it possible to love oneself and others unconditionally.  





(LxWxH) 48x31x14cm

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Rhodochrosite Teardrop Pendant in Silver A1121-JEPEU

Sterling Silver Chain Necklace
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  •  (LxWxH) 48x31x14cm

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