Phantom Quartz Sterling Silver pendulum

Green phantom quartz is very easy to attract wealth, so it has become a businessman's favorite , it helps to improve thinking, opens your mind, has great power for wealth-gathering.

It is a very good gemstone to accumulate wealth and have a prosperous business after hard work .

Phantom Quartz can relieve stress, nervousness and depression, it can make you very relaxed, give yourselves and others more space, easier to feel happy and content. Phantom Quartz can also open and smooth all the channels internally.

It enhances your ability to communicate with your spirit guide, It is also easy to attract admirers and good friends, can give you more opportunities and development.

Phantom Quartz can strengthen heart function, calm your mood (tension, insomnia, anger, delusion). It is beneficial to the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes, heart disease, high blood pressure and breathing difficulties.

pendulum size:19x26mm

  • $66

  • PE-8052U

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  •  Unique

  •  pendulum size: 19x26mm

  •  (L) 22.00cm

  •  Weight 16.2g (0.6oz)

  •  Ships within 2 Business Days

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