AAA Oregon Sun Stone Faceted Teardrop Bracelet

AAA Oregon Sun Stone Faceted Teardrop Bracelet

These are AAAA gem quality stones. The stones were pulled from the Dust Devil Mine in Plush, Oregon USA. “Of all the stones of the earth. Absolutely stunning and one of a kind rare HUGE shining shimmering genuine Oregon Sunstone. Beautiful Champagne gold and the rose gold faceted teardrop briolette. High quality clear and natural golden dazzling light Oregon Sunstone Bracelet. Color type and color intensity is gradually changing base on angle of view.  

The Sunstones truly reflects the qualities of solar light: openness, benevolence, warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness to bestow blessings on others... Sunstone is regarded as a gem of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness.”



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Faceted Sun Stone

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