Rhodochrosite Teardrop Pendant in Silver

Rhodochrosite Teardrop Pendant in Silver

No burning, no dyeing, no optimization treatment, 18K white gold plated Sterling Silver frame with Genuine Argentina rhodochrosite, this pendant is relatively large, generally Rhodochrosite pendant is not so big, this beautiful, delicate, watery and rose red quality large pendant is rare, Most of large Rhodochrosite pendants have streaks white but not this one. This is a precious collection piece!

In Greek, Rhode is the meaning of rose. Chrosite is the meaning of color. The rhodochrosite is also known by the Incas as the “Inca Rose” or “Stone of the Compassionate Heart”. Rhodochrosite brings joy into your life, heal old wounds and make it possible to love oneself and others unconditionally.  


(LxWxH) 48x31x14cm
45g (~2oz)
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Rhodochrosite (whose name means rose-colored from the Greek rhodon -"rose" and chroma - "color") is a very attractive mineral with an absolutely one-of-a-kind, beautiful color. Although it can be an ore of manganese, it is its ornamental and display specimen qualities that make it a very popular mineral. The color of a single crystal can just astound the observer with its vivid pink-rose color that seems to be transmitted out of the crystal as if lit from within.

Rhodochrosite (Manganese Spar) is found in a number of locations worldwide. For several years now the Sweet Home Mine in Alma and the Sunnyside Mine in Silverton, Colorado has been mined exclusively for Rhodochrosite specimens. The Hotazel Mine in South Africa is famous for producing deep red of Rhodochrosite. However the most famous mines are in the provinces of Catamarca and La Rioja, Argentina. The mines there produce an attractive pink- and red-banded Rhodochrosite. The variety is sometimes called Inca Rose and is valued as an ornamental stone.

With its famous rose color, Rhodochrosite jewelry is truly beautiful and unique.

The rhodochrosite crystal must be one of the most emotionally rewarding out there. It bestows a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards life, injecting joie de vivre and stimulating an all-encompassing love.

Rhodochrosite is also known for its sexual properties. It encourages liveliness, eroticism and spontaneous expressions of feeling. It can also stimulate the sexual organs of reproduction.

The rhodochrosite crystal also makes the blood vessels more elastic, thus helps with migraines and joint pains.

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