Effortless Prosperity for Teens Book I

Effortless Prosperity for Teens Book I

Light From The Sky - Effortless Prosperity for Teens Book I
This book is full of interesting and funny stories that follow the thirty-day Effortless Prosperity program. Each story relates experiences of Siavash, an adventurous being from another galaxy, whose mission on Earth as a teenager named John is to bring light to as many people as he can, by helping them to let go of fear and get in touch with their creative power. In the most subtle way, it introduces teenage readers to the hazards both of alcohol and drug use and of negative and unhealthy associations. It is a must for every teenager.





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朵琳・芙秋 附原音冥想 CD Divine Magic The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation Direen Virtue

朵琳・芙秋 附原音冥想 CD Divine Mag...

朵琳‧芙秋 附原音冥想CD

Divine Magic: The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation,

A New Interpretation of the hermetic Classic Alchemical Manual The Kyba

From Divine Magic

      As long as we live on the material Earth plane, matter is real to us.

Matter isn't less real to us just because we understand the scientific truth

about atoms, or the Hermetic teachings about the mental nature of the universe.

      We can control matter by applying higher force. This is better than 

pretending that matter doesn't exist. The laws of nature are constant, and 

we can't escape them. We can, however, overcome the laws by applying higher ones.

       The Universe and its laws and phenomena are real, so far as humans

are concerned. The Universe is also ever-changing and transitory, so it's

unreal in the Absolute sense. However, we must live and act as if the 

fleeting Universe and matter were real. In the material world, Mentalism,

the power of your thought, is the greatest natural force.


朵琳.芙秋博士Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.   一位具靈視能力的心理學家,擁有美國加州查普曼大學(Chapman University)心理諮商博士學位。在寫作上及工作坊中與天使、精靈和大師們共同合作,出版有《守護天使指引卡》、《大天使神諭占卜卡》、《女神神諭占卜卡》、《揚昇大師神諭卡》、《神奇精靈指引卡》等多種暢銷占卜卡,也是許多超感應力開發與身心靈主題的作者,著有《召喚天使》、《養育新世代靛藍小孩》、《神聖指引》等二十餘本書。並在國際間舉辦工作坊,探討天使療法、天使溝通與靈性治療。