A Course in Light

  • About ACIL

    It is an Amazing Meditation Course for Spiritual Enlightenment

    A Course in Light (ACIL) is a Spiritual Path for Enlightenment and is based on the ascended master teachings as channeled by Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan.  A Course in Light is a powerful meditative and informative study practiced by thousands of students all around the world for spiritual development and enlightenment.  ACIL began as an informal group study who received transmissions of messages given through the channeling of Antoinette Moltzan. These incredible insights and transcripts from a spiritual source, became A Course in Light.

    Today this spiritual journey is the life transforming experience of students in all walks of life. Messages from angels and ascended masters continue to aid in applying the techniques and lessons from ACIL.

    ACIL never grows old and is amazing as it always seems to apply exactly to what is taking place in your life right now. With daily practice of meditation and activation of the current lesson, you notice profound changes. The result of becoming a light student leads to inner peace and development of spiritual abilities. If you wish to develop your own spiritual awareness ACIL will help you achieve this! You may have subtle experiences that touch your heart, mind and soul. With the continued practice of applying these experiences, many become teachers and practitioners of ACIL.

    Enlightenment is often described as “being aware of everything as a source of energy and light.” The moment of experiencing a cosmic event is often explained as “a presence in which there is oneness and unity with all life.” Many spiritual scriptures consistently mention light in describing spiritual or mystical miracles. It is energy and light spoken of in the mystical way that is referred throughout ACIL.

  • Message from AzrealMessage from Azreal

    Greetings this is Azreal, we have been observing, I bring to you consciousness to assist each of your lives to raise to a higherdegree of personal understanding. Much healing is in effect as I speak and many are participating in this event that you have come to connect with. Through the ages of time, there have always been a gathering of beings that oversee what is meant to be in lessons of humanity.

    This is a year that has many challenging events of the Earth and within humanity. We of the hierarchy cannot control what happens in the physical aspect of Planet Earth itself but we direct thought, energy, light and healing into the collective consciousness of human influence. And to these who are open and receptive to the light we bring, there are new contracts and agreements that seek to fulfill a greater good for humanity’s evolution.

    You have each and all passed through a shift of consciousness in Planet Earth as well as you. It is recognized that the magnetic field of Planet Earth is moving through its own space of change. You have each entered into a new age of consciousness. An age is a long, long, long time in a human experience of life. You are in the beginning stages if an Aquarian Age of Light. It is meant to become an age of where the evolution of humanity reaches higher states of spirituality. It is symbolized by a sense of water being poured over the Earth, representing a consciousness of bringing more wisdom and understanding into human souls and human bodies.

    So the symbol of this moment in this time of your festival of light, accept that you are being rained on by the Consciousness of Christed Light. You are all in a receptivity of a clearing of much of your thoughts and opening to a new inner strength and a new sense of being connected with humanity and Higher Consciousness.

    So I ask each of you to visualize the Earth and it’s receiving of light upon itself. To visualize you are part of a connection of energy that is bringing a greater sense of wisdom and love throughout all of humanity’s experience. These are the impressions, the indications of the movement to bring greater wellness into human life. Though you see and though you sense there still is chaos amongst all the challenges. Focus on an energy of light that brings a shift into all receptive to its greater good.

    Visualize and see that consciousness from you is connected to all humanity’s perceptions of greater good. If you could see and truly know that this festival is more than just a simple experience of your own. Each of the festivals is movements of consciousness, seeking to integrate guided consciousness for healing you and difficulties of mankind’s negativity.

    So perceive that where there is chaos and confusion and warring against each other that you are the source with minds and hearts that direct the light to a change in consciousness. Know that amongst all the hierarchy there is a great sense a level of wisdom and knowledge and peace will grow and more and more will be touched like the light of love.

    So I, as Azreal representing all who are in this activity of light present to each of you, a moment in your time of this life where you are participating a unity of humanity for a greater direction, for resolution for peace. There is much in motion to accommodate these interventions and you are part of many that are unifying in the hope and the intention of empowering the minds of humanity for a greater perspective of

    living in love. You are overseeing by all beings that are on assignment for these direct indications of change.

    All that has been said, all that has been in motion are like seeds that have been planted in the gardens of life and you are like the gardens where the seeds of wisdom are expressed. Let their growing and let it be, the Higher Consciousness for you and for all who wish to participate in change. It is complete.

    So I release you now to accept in yourself you are being touched with the visual reed and archangels and participate. Walk in peace and may the light of the Christ is received all that has been said and all that is touching you.

  • Message from Jove

    I am Jove.  I am most please to reconnect with many of you as former students of lives before.  Remember the lessons you learned long ago and the path of the soul is the path of transformation.  You are walking a path to assist you in refining your mind, your body, your soul and your spirit. 

    So think of all of your problems as a large stone for your feet on your path.  The stone may become very large and seems as an obstacle in your way, but remember the obstacle is the illusion.  The obstacle is there for you to see through the obstacle, to overcome the obstacle and to heal yourself from the fear of the obstacle.  So if the obstacle is the illusion than you can see through the obstacle to its own state of nothingness.  This is the key to your freedom of your state of confusion or fear.  Therefore you must meditate and practice that your clear mind is so clear and there are no obstacles with your thought or healing.  The obstacle may be illness or disease.  The obstacle may be in yourself or what you observe with others.  The obstacle may be the opportunity to raise your state of understanding. 

    So begin to look at the obstacle.  The obstacle may seem like a member in your family.  The obstacle may appear as your parents.  The obstacle may appear as a child.  The obstacle may be a place that you are working in.  The obstacle may be the way you see your own life.  So if the obstacle is the illusion than you must look through the obstacle to see the solution.  And, the solution is the recognition that all is in divine order with the nature of its creation.  These are lessons in your spiritual design and intent.  So to understand your solution, you must meditate in that state of calmness and light and love.  And in this state of meditating the vibration of the Radiant Will (Violet Purple) is magnified.  The lesson for this healing is in recognition that you are connected to the energy that opens you to good things.  Visualize you are walking along a path and it is the path of destiny and higher will.  On this path blessings as lessons come to test your will and to assist you too embrace that you are in a right consciousness with your opportunities and goals. 

    As you are shifting into the Radiance of the Violet Purple Ray you are seeing yourself in a very peaceful state.  Think of your soul in charge and all is in a rightful state.  And as it is with you it is with all the obstacles that stand in front of you.  So the obstacle is enveloped in the Violet Purple Ray.  The situation is enveloped in a very beautiful Violet Purple Ray.  And the energy of this ray brings into effect the balance of right action and higher consciousness. 

    The mental may not understand what is now in motion, but that which is you in the inner levels is most happy in what is taking place. Your life is very hard on many levels.  Being difficult does not mean it is wrong.  The road to enlightenment is not a path of easy access to everything.  It is rather a path that requires integrity, honesty and focus for the mere good of humanity.  So know this is the higher path that is set before a soul's journey.  You cannot fully comprehend but you are intensely connected to vibrations that alter and change your experience.

    So in this moment see all of your obstacles, whether they are relatives, friends, work, experiences of shame blame and guilt, bring them into the center of your energy field.  Whether it is a child, friend, lover or husband, they all are in this circle as I speak.  In this moment accept and expect right action is taking place in all situations. 

    And now the Violet Purple Ray is surrounding you and flowing in and through everything within you, your change is in motion.  Accept that our guardianship over you is an opportunity for you to learn much in wisdom, love and light.  Through out this event many shifts will take place, throughout your personnel life in your own consciousness.  Now perceive, you are part the large family of light that is making changes in planet earth. 

    Now by the Order of Melchizedek receive as a blessing in your mind, body, soul and spirit and walk with love, truth, peace and gratitude and so it is. 


    When you are ready, open your eyes and make sure you are grounded.  To ground yourself is to see the light flow down through your legs and out the feet. 

  • Today the lesson is in the Radiant Wisdom Ray, which is the color of blue. The energy is a very mental energy. From your previous lessons you may have noticed that when you are in the activation of the Blue Ray, you may have feelings of isolation and feeling alone. Your thought processes may bring up many of your fears, skepticism, doubts about the lightwork, questioning everything as well as the situations you are currently experiencing.

    This level of the light work is one in which your thoughts are being tested. You may notice you have what is called a busy mind. There can be a lot of negative thoughts about yourself, people surrounding you, questioning everything about your work and relationships. Sometimes it is as though you are walking around with a heavy mind.

    The high side of this Wisdom Ray of light, however, is the ability to let go and release those thoughts, reminding yourself these are in opposition to the truth. Affirm: I am truly free from my doubts and self-doubts surrounding me. I really sense in every way, I am clearing my mind, clearing my thoughts to receive understanding and the depth of wisdomvailable to me.¡¨

    So with that in mind begin your meditation. Notice when you begin to prepare yourself or just become still in the meditative experience, your thoughts are gathered to the center of your forebrain or forehead, you accept the rhythm of your breathing ¡K The deeper you breathe and you are aware of that breath, the more you know that you are healing many things inside your body. The breath of life flows through you and it truly does change consciousness within you.

    With the gathering of your thoughts, all of your awareness and your egos into the forebrain, acknowledge your personality ego, body ego, organic and cellular egos and invite that part of yourself and your own soul to connect and merge, so you are focused and centered as one thought and one consciousness.

    Breathe in and out ¡K let go of the stress and the pressures. And now direct the energies and the egos to the star center. Feel yourself rising up through your bodies and when you enter into this place of light, this is your time to open to what guidance is available for your particular needs, wants, intentions and goals. So invite your consciousness to be open and you may see or feel the presence of your guide or Jesus or masters. Some students become quite surpri sed as the see a door opening and their teacher come to them, its very inspirational and very exciting.

    So should there be in you excessive worry, excessive need to know the answer now, excessive need to have all the answers comply with your intentions, let go, feel the light. Know that all things are in progress towards the greater good. Feel the peace that passes understanding flow through you, bringing a calmness to your nature. Direct this energy to the left side of your brain. Some in this work may be students in college or other advanced studies and have many pressures concerning their responsibility for schoo l. Meeting the dead lines and able to pass the test, to retain information, to follow through with the workload, focus on this energy, feel the rays of Wisdom energy in Blue flow through your own mental self. Observe how you feel a sense of calmness and you can meet all of your needs, the obligations and attain your goals. Accept that you are clear minded, that you are clear within and open to what you need to know and you are functioning with clarity or what they call brightness. What is brightness but the light, clear energy. And just know that you are letting go of the doubts about yourself and about circumstances even in your relationships, just open to understand your friends, your relatives, your mother, your father, the people you are confronted with, you are becoming more understanding therefore, able to communicate with calmness, straight forwardness and truth.

    So think of you clearing out all that negative energy and being totally with your own vibration open to the right impressions, receiving the right message and open to using your gifts with right action. And now, bring this wisdom energy down the legs and out the feet.


    The message for this moment in time is the message that living in the light is being open to the awareness that comes to you with insight. Wisdom is the acceptance that a guidance moves you through each opportunity presented to you. Wisdom is becoming in the center of the storm of challenge. Wis dom is, knowing there is a divine plan that has its power within all the confusions that appear. That amidst the most difficult lessons you experience there is resolution and peace that can take form. So you are the light worker, as peacemaker in a world of war, conflict and fear. Let the peace of higher wisdom and truth guide you through all challenges. Go in peace.

  • 7-18-05 L2 Blue


    We are in the lesson of the Wisdom Ray and you have heard the song about the blues. So the downside of the blue is that you get the blues, fearful, doubtful, sad, abandoned or down or rejected and that is the downside of the Wisdom Ray. But the high side of Wisdom, it allows you to see with an understanding, trust, that all things are new and in place. Wisdom out of the Blue and it puts you into that space where you can feel connected, synchronistic and in harmony with the light of truth and knowledge and wisdom. The goal for this part of the process is to help yourself being relieved from mental emotional and psychic impressions, which may cause you to doubt yourself or to feel alone or you feel like you are going to be abandoned or there will be something that will put you in a hole. The healing is the understanding that there are divine laws, which are the principles of mind, thought and love.

    So we begin our meditation as we always do to begin the process. Relax; your body is peaceful, accepting all possibilities that are available for the right experience in your life.… … …

    Message from Marcus

    In this moment the vibrations of your individual self glow with great rays of light. Aura energy around you is reflecting many colors but the vibrations of the Wisdom Ray pre-dominate over all others and the lesson is you know peace. Not as a word, not as an idea, not as an idealistic desire but as a state of you. The peace that passes all the knowledge of the intellect, a peace that over rides all the questions of the egos curiosity, a peace that understands when the trust from the light as love within.

    When you attain that state of where you walk in the light of peace with who you are, with what you desire to accomplish, what you search to achieve, what you lean towards in becoming, than that peace gives to you the freedom to attain and perceive what you most desire to become. And with that peace, the healing in you becomes so strong and affects others.

    So we notice in this time that you all link with many others who need calmness, tranquility, the heavy blanket of confusion is over all in this time frame of human life. So the essence of the Wisdom Ray interacts with this confusion, frustration and conflict against the very source of living in the light in peace.

    So as I speak perceive yourself in this radiant sphere of Blue and it expands beyond what you see, beyond what you hear. In this moment you can invite in this place of your personal space those you wish to see gain more understanding and tranquility. Just invite them to be from soul to soul and mind to mind and heart to heart with you and just let go of expectations and procedures to change their experience. Just be, the essence of peace. Just be, the source of light. Just be, the power of love. Just let the force within, be the healer of all that is.

    Fear is a base reality, a condition of human nature in its long journey through the earth. Fears began as a separation from its source and fear isolated the ego from the higher consciousness, it was. So fear of loss and fear of losing and fear of being rejected, hurt, fears of death, all are conditions that the light is working through, altering and change. Just know, you are letting go of the base fear. And as perceive fear, perceive it as your teacher that brings the lessens of your healing and guides you to the door of love. Remember this: When fear becomes your teacher and not the enemy than you are no longer resisting, you are accepting and in memory (or remembering the) of the greater good involved.

    Now perceive, whatever the fear is, the teacher of your soul and now you are wrapped in its vibrationand the Radiance of the Wisdom light takes away the deep fear of loss and replaces all that has been released with the vibration of wisdom and truth and love.

    Fear comes to you in many disguises and often furious.

    So whenever the fear in you seems stronger than all of the other parts of you, breath in and breath out and just know the fear is released and you are at peace with strength and wisdom. To all others who are apart of this meditative experience, healing is in effect. Where there is pain, let there be a filling in that comforts you in harmony and release. Where there is resistance, conflict, a sense of resistance to food, let it be, all comes to their own place in time, when they recognize a higher reality, whether it is in body or spirit.

    And now, I am Marcus. Your acquaintance to my vibration will become more common. Nothing is worth losing your sense of wisdom, when you are confronted with opposition, hold your center, be like Zen master that knows the power of love and truth is greater than the fear. And so it is.

    Know your life and your opportunity of being touched and blessed and so it is. Go in peace.

    When you are ready bring your thoughts and awareness back and see yourself totally and completely connected to your body and grounded on the earth.

  • 8-1-05 L 2 Violet-Purple

    This is the lesson for level two and the frequency ray we are working with is the Violet- Purple, that is associated with the will center. As you are in this a particular stage the intensity of the lesson affect you emotional and sensitively or psychically. So whatever has been stored in your own emotional nature, that may have memory or experiences of disappointment or anger or things not working as they should or could in your estimation, those are vibrations that come up. It shows up as a anger or frustration or a disbelief or a doubt. I remember one student saying, ¡§I am very mad at the masters, nothing ever works for me and all my life I had to do things on my own and I don't know why I have to do this and its not fear. So our will center can carry in it hostility and regrets over comparing yourself to what others may do or feeling you have not been given justice, fairness or a sense of rightness in your life. That negativity can cause a lot of harbored, repressed, unspoken stress energies. 
    The good news is that you are in the process connecting to that which heals the issues within and opens you to explore, that true sense of your higher power and higher will which can see things in their own way working out. That there is a divine order in all the chaos that appears. The ultimate goal is to be free from the judgments you make on your self and the other things that you are apart of. So justice and law and judgments are issues that show up within this lesson of the light.
    (Meditation begins)
    So lets begin. Relax. Let Go. Let go of holding on to things that need to be freed. Let go of clinging to thoughts or feelings or fears that block you. 
    Focus your thoughts; gather awareness and all of your egos to that sacred place within you, the center of your forebrain. And know that the ego of personality, physical body, the organic and cellular systems are connecting, all seeking to bring the right consciousness within and to heal what truly is in disorder and disharmony within. ¡K?¡K?¡K
    Message from Jove
    Be still. And know. That you are receptive to what is in effect for your awakening to greater possibilities in your path. Open your mind to see your path as the absolute way of your life¡¦s choice. All of your paths are different. Your path, your life, your experiences are yours uniquely presented for your own development and growth and healing. Though each of your lives is uniquely different there are many similarities you reflect, back and forth, between each other. Like mirrors you reflect either the shame and guilt or the joy and peace. You can mirror from each other the reflection of your most spiritual self or the uncertainties.
    As I am speaking the uncertainties are being addressed. Though you do not know the next steps that lie ahead. The steps that are most important in this moment are the steps of change and the steps that lead you through the old patterns awakening you to the new stages of your own state of wellness. 
    So I am Jove. My presence presents to you an awareness of the ancient ways. The times you held deep inside when your life was uniquely different and focused on the ultimate desire of enlightenment. Enlightenment comes as a subtle unknown realization of your connection to all that life is. And to all others in their life, not entangled but as the observer and the light that connects, ¡K ¡K the oneness within all things. 
    In this moment think of the Violet-Purple lessons, not just as energy but as a complete experience of being intone with a order of a spiritual nature that is resonating with you in a conscious way and bringing an energy flow, releasing much pain. 
    Yes, it is difficult to see the greater good when you recognize the suffering of many others. When you see in the earth itself, a deteriorating of its natural beauty and the loss of much of its natural resources. There are concerns of like deep in the realization that the changes will be faced through the chaos until it becomes the place of inner peace and harmony for all. This is the outer truth. This is the outcome of wisdom and light. 
    In this moment let go of your fears of yourself, in your choices of what life has presented and your experiencing within it. Bless what you are. See it all as a adventure, a journey through a marvelous time of living. 
    And now for each of you there are those of your lives you are concerned for and the light is a reality that is affecting the healing process. So bring to the center of the circle those of your concern, your family, children and others in the work of light. Perceive that the link between each and all is bound by the will of the Divine Source of God and release your concerns that they cannot be attained. Let go of the thoughts of the impossible and hold to the possibilities of all, yet, to unfold and trust in the miracles of your own lives. Now just hold each one as though they are in a perfect opportunity for their personal development and growth and that the word of the Law of Love overrides all that appears as fear. 
    Now were the physical selves seems in difficulty magnify the light and see that the body is restoring itself through progress and change. And that healing flows and connected too that which assists its own balance, medically, spiritually, physically and mentally and so it is. 
    When you are ready bring awareness back within your own conscious self and release. Accept that light flowing through you is moving in a clock-wise-motion, magnifying itself, protecting you and sealing the energy so the healing transpires effectively. Go in peace and may the Light of the Christ be in and through you. 
  • Toni:

    The course, A Course in Light is our spiritual path through the enlightenment we hope to achieve. The course is a set pattern or path, which initiates us to work with the energy of our true self. Our soul is our body of light and our body of light is a composite of energies. The energies are relative to frequencies and waves. The first we work with is the White light and the second is the Gold. The Gold is the transformer that raises the energy source within the consciousness of you.

    So Gold is a powerful frequency for change, for changing the essence of you physically, emotionally and psychically and spiritually. When the Gold energy is activated by your meditations, than the frequency move through and into you to link with what is within your mental consciousness. Your mental consciousness is a result of your brain mind thinking. Your brain mind thinking is what you have believed in, what you have been educated by and what you have experienced in your life. Because our experiences are very 3rd dimensional, very human and are apart of all the mental energies of others, we encounter a lot of the negative factors of belief. We become part of belief systems that are apposing the higher truth, which we understand as God as Light, God as Love, God as the Source and God as the essence of all Creation Is.

    In the spiritual path we begin to seek to remember that we are apart of the Creator and that we are co-creators of a reality we chosen to explore. Our exploration takes us through adventures in our life. In the first phases of our life we are probably very subjective to the conditions of our parents and our schools and our way of societies expression. We kind of lose who we are, we get lost in a wave of confusing messages. Some of those messages are, who do you think you are, you are never going to amount to anything, stop that, who do you think you are going to become and/or you are just a dreamer. We have a lot of messages, which come in to tell us that we are not really of any worth, that we are not really of any capability, that we are really faulted, we are incompetent that we cannot function in a successful way and that is where many people come from. That is false images. Those are conditions of human thinking that limit us to a human experience but forget that God is in charge.

    Now you are awakening to find your true self. You are awakening of finding your true self; you go through a process of limitation. You start to release yourself from what causes you to feel and to experience that state that I am not ok. And we are awakening to, I really am better than what I have been told and I am ready to find out who I am and what I am here for, so I can truly make God¡¦s statement in my life, that His promise and His essence is what my life is for. So we discover what does God want us to be in our individual reality. Some of us are nurses and teachers and have other ways to express what we were sent here to explore. We are trying to clear ourselves from what limits us from a small picture of what we are suppose to be. Our picture is to enlarge our state of being and to fulfill what we chose to what we really bring into this reality.

    So for most of us who come into A Course in Light we come in with this realization we came to serve others, we came to help others heal, we came to recognize that we can help others communicate with their higher self, with their guides, with their masters, with their own inner teacher, we are preparing to help others find the keys in this time of our opportunities.

    The Gold light in our lesson is about activating the vibration through you and allowing yourself to let go of these conditional thoughts and behaviors and experiences that have been very hard on the personality and hard on the body and difficult to express your soul. So with this we are going to go into our meditation and we are going to work with the lesson of the Golden Ray.

    Meditation begins:

    We prepare our body because our body needs to get still and to become open to the vibration of the light within and we do this by calling forth our egos.... ¡K

    Message from Azreal

    Yes, greetings, this is Azreal. I see you. I over ride the consciousness within you. Be open. Be receptive and know that in this moment a shift occurs within you. You are walking a remarkable journey of change. You are walking a path that others of enlightenment have walked before. You are following a way that has been a source of great enlightenment to others before you came. You are walking the way of Jesus who encountered these experiences in His own time. You are walking a way that was taught by the ancient ones of many ages ago and you are experiencing its vibration, which is meant for you today, in the world you now live in. So the work of this is a profound experience and opens you ultimately to the practice of what you came to serve in helping others in their path. In the lessons that are now in your experience, you will deeply searching for what you know is the reflection of your lifes greater good.

    Be still, mentally. Through the emotional part of you feel the radiance of Golden light magnified within you. When the fear is gone, when the rage has run its own intensity, when doubt no longer serves you, when sorrow no longer holds you, when pain no longer effects you, the joy is experienced in bliss as ecstasy of total peace with in.

    Perceive in the now you are letting go of what has been the challenges of conflict. Love yourself and love whom you serve but understand whom you help is both important to you and how you help is revealed to you. So what you assume as your needs open to receive the blessings that come to assist.

    For Jessica, perceive your mother is in this radiance of light. In this moment perceive her body is absorbing energy on all levels and yet understand her body and her are in a procedure of great stress. So the key is to see her mentally, emotionally, psychically and physically in a flow of the soul, with its light intensified and that healing is in motion. Perceive her body and she are in a high state of healing opportunity. Know that her help for her healing includes others as well as you and that her life can be more in harmony as she is in part of by being served by others

    And for you Isla, you are a teacher, a perceptive intuitive mother and overseer with great vision for your state of opportunity. Know that your world includes both the challenges and the victories of what you see and know in your spiritual consciousness. You are a free spirit in so many ways. You rise above the conditions others see and know there is power in a higher reality.

    And for you Eula what we see, you are in preparation for great things that transform you into what you have always wanted to be but this is a time of absorption and integration through transformation. All this is in the right time for you for you are ending many things, patterns, karma, old issues and rising through and into a new prospective of your empowered healing opportunities. You are being challenged as well as receptive to a higher thought.

    And for you Karen as the assistant to this work, you preparing for important opportunities of sharing the faith, trust, the experience of your personal development growth and service. You are beloved beyond words and you are close to who I am and what is meant for the work to unfold.

    And to the channel what we see is doors will open more expectantly for the work to have its place in the greater picture of this age.

    And now for all of you, focus on those in need of the light and to assist them through the challenges of their path. Judge not others by their accomplishments or the failures. Judge not others by what appears as the oppositions to their knowing but see all in this time period of change and great uplift and release of healing of Cosmic Consciousness.

    Now with the radiance of this light flowing through you and your body absorbing it within you, just release tension, fear, anxiety, pain, trouble, worry. Release it and open to the power of love within you and the transformational consciousness.

    As the light moves through you perceive it moving in a clockwise motion and perceive there is a strong force that keeps you safe within and raises the consciousness in you and all that you do. Know that each one apart of your life is receiving your thoughts and your light.

    Go in peace and may the light of the Christ be in and through you.

  • Toni:

    Today is the beginning of level 2 in the Radiant White light and we begin our meditation as given by the guidance of our masters and teachers. As you become still, as your body relaxes, feel yourself breathing in all the goodness of Gods light and release as you breathe out the troubles, the concerns, the fears and know that as you release these vibrations you are filling up within yourself with the Divine Source of energy that is pure and clear. Bring your awareness to the forebrain and call the egos, acknowledge your personality ego, your physical body ego and the ego consciousness of your organic and cellular system. Know that they are as one consciousness and one expression governing you and guiding you into wellness and into wholeness and light. With the egos accept, acknowledge that the consciousness of your higher self, your higher soul is in connection to all that is the divine part of you and the human part of you. Just relax, breathe and be.

    We are going to direct all the egos and awareness to the star center. The star center is like coming home. It¡¦s that familiar place and that familiar state of being. You connect with the soul, mind and higher self and all who unit with you in your meditation.

    So in this moment, perceive that this place, this state of being in this place is an experience where you can feel, sense, know that the presence of your teachers, guardians, the Order of Melchizedek, and Christ, share with you in this moment in the light. With the radiance of this energy it directs itself through you and begins to flow, much like water that flows through all that it is cleansing. Feel that in the body of you, that the physical nature of you is experiencing the power of this radiant light magnified and with it you are letting go of all the thoughts that are illusions. You are letting go of conditional thinking, which blocks your sense of joy. You are letting go of whatever conditions that have been so difficult and that has seemed impossible to overcome, let it go. Let¡¦s see, feel, know that the inner light and its vibration is a consciousness that brings to you recognition of your truth, that all things are in there right place and they are in there right opportunity and within their right expression. That all friends and members of your soul lighted family are all in their own perfect experience for the opportunity of their growth, their awakening and their spiritual development.

    So together in this center of the light, you are all awakening and internalizing your spiritual wisdom and knowledge to assist you consciously in all that you do and all that you are. So let the light flow and it moves mentally and as the brain is receiving it is clearing from any unconscious fears, patterns, beliefs and all that remains is the power of love through the presence of Christ, that walks with you and lives within you. And so it is.

    Now the essence of the light flows into the emotional nature of you and within the emotional self are stored all the feelings from this life. What has impressed the nature of your own soul and all its many levels of consciousness. In this moment, you are simply recognizing all your feelings that strengthen you and that the light is connecting with you. So you emotionally can feel great love, from those around you as well as the love within you. Whatever has been sadness, regret, struggles of great challenges, you are in gratitude for all that has been the opportunity for your journey in this life. Whatever imperfections may seem to be apart of your experience, whether they are physical, mental or emotional or psychic, whatever the imperfection within you or those you love in your life, perceive this Radiant White Light

    Now just simply note that in your emotional body there is a shift and you are more able to feel the power of your love and the power of your state of being. Now give thanks for your choices, for what you have created and what is now a part of your growth.

    Now perceive the light moving to and in and through all the perceptual self and as you are familiar with your senses, your perceptivity, your sensitivity, your psychic opportunities. Just accept there is a clearing within you, so you can know, sense, your guidance and what you need to experience and to increase all the awareness of your abilities.

    Now down through this perceptual body of you feel the light flow down through the whole lower part of your physical self and it is flushing away toxics and whatever struggles, weakness, uncertainties and fears in you. You are simply accepting your body is in a clearing, cleansing, healing process that is bringing greater wellness into all that you are. Go deep, deep deep, into your experience and you will be guided to sense your body and sense what is surrounding you and that you are ready to uplift and send light too and whether it is a friend, family or a situation, hold it in the light.

    Message from Andrew

    Members of this path of light are many and you are members of this path that was walked on by many teachers of earth. You are part of the membership of many who have accepted to be carriers of the word of love and light under the teachings that were brought to the earth for the purpose of assisting in human consciousness, reuniting with its origin of being one with God. So as members of this great order of light you are working through the many experiences of your life, including lives previous to this existence. In your hearing so to speak you are opening consciously to a greater understanding to your own abilities, intentions, aspirations for fulfilling your spiritual vision.
    The spiritual vision is to be one of many who connect to the flow of healers and teachers and up lifters of this millennium of change. You have come to reunite with the former understanding of your soul¡¦s enlightened state and you have come to over ride the illusions of the earth and that which has been implanted from human consciousness out of fear. Fear is the base that traumatizes the ability to walk with hope and faith. Fear is the power of force that stands in the way of the power of love. So in each factor of your opportunities you face fear or love. When fear becomes recognized as your teacher, your mentor, the over seer of many lessons for opportunities to grow, than fear¡¦s power becomes a new reality in you and you begin to see that all the fear lead you to the opportunity to find love. Whether love is expressed humanly in relationships or love is the totality of your state of peace than love, is felt by others, love communicates to others and love up lifts others. When the love is the strength as you than others experience that light and gravitate into your life.

    So now perceive you are surrounded by many, many who you have not seen, many whom you have not met but nevertheless are part of this growth of consciousness, which is connecting to the evolving spirit of the human family. I teach you. I bring the message to you for you are ready to embrace the higher consciousness in these stages of your path of light. I am Andrew, yes, you know who I am and you know that the teachings through what is spoken are through the Source of Christ Consciousness.

    You are blessed as you carry this light and you are being touched as you receive the clearing and cleansing of this light. Though you are only a few, this illusion is too, for you are surrounded by many, more that you can even comprehend. Those who have made transition stand with you in your observation and in their caring and in their observing of your light. So whether they are in body or in soul, they are near and connected to you as you open to the new vast source of physical, mental and spiritual understanding in your life.

    Now, perceive, that you magnified are radiating your light and it is touching each and all who want to grow, who see you in your growth and reach to find the growth in them and it is so. So let the light move, as though a flowing river, through the minds, the hearts and souls of many and out to all sources of which consciousness can change conditions. Speak, think and be in this affirmative state of mind that you are one of the many and many of the one and you are each and all the barriers and carriers of the wisdom of through. You are flowing with the essence of Christ and from this point on the shift in you is manifesting as we speak to you and this becomes a new start in a phase of evolution for your growth.

    Now, with the radiance of light flowing, moving in a counter-clock-wise way, the flow and power of this light is felt and releasing in you is taking place. Do not fear change; embrace it. Do not think you are limited by what other people think but accept you are an unlimited source of spiritual wisdom and truth that comes to you, from within the heart of you and speaks to you when you are ready to hear. And so it is.

    When you are ready to awaken movement of light flows in a harmony with you and moving in a clock-wise-motion. So you are protected against what would be forces that would pull you into what would be negativity. Go in peace and may the light of the Christ be in and through you.

  • Angels are real.

    They come as inspired moments of thought. They give a sense of healing when the fear is so strong. They cannot tell you what to do. They will guide you for what is best for you if you allow yourself to receive the visions, the instinct, the knowing, the voice or the acceptance of their presence in your life.

    You have been connected to many as well as the ascended masters that transmit into your understanding, consciousness of Divine Law, Divine Principle and of Spiritual Awareness on many levels of yourself.network-of-light


    So, yes, I am Andrew. It is good to speak and to review and to redo the awareness that you are all a connected link that is bringing into effect the True Source of being love, faith, hope, joy and peace. Be a part of this wave of change in effect. You are aware of the tremendous challenges that have come as a force that is annihilating the free will of humanity and seeking to over-power the resources of the Earth for purposes that are not in the environmental developing experience for balance. You are aware of the forces that have no Divine Law to govern their law but only act from a perspective of live or die.


    So healing is taking place and bringing many, many, many people into recognition that they cannot let the forces and that kind of activity be the ruling experience in Planet Earth.


    So I remind each, you are part of many that transmitted the desire in your heart and soul to come in at this time to be the healing warriors of light, to be the healing presence of peace, to be the listener, the comforter, the assistance to whatever is in need of being mended and uplifted. Do not perceive yourself inadequate or important or not enough or without understanding, rather see you are radiant living human being awakened to the Source of your Higher self’s consciousness and presented with the light in its truest form, in which healing is taking place.


    So, I perceive in this moment that whatever may appear in its most chaotic state, it is an aspect of the Earth shift predicted sometime ago. The Earth shifts are in effect through weather change, through geological changes, through resources in which Earth itself is changing its land and its environmental experience. Though there are very few reasons in your mind to see it as a healing event, it is a healing event. Know that you have all of your requirements in your hands and within all your attributes; you are divinely guided in this walk of your life.

  • Toni:

    Because we are in the lesson with Amethyst, it is the frequency that is the most affective in working with disease. It is the energy that goes to the cellular system and can be like a warrior going after the cellular consciousness, which hold the vibrations and causes us to be out of balance.

    The Amethyst, called the warrior ray is truly the one to go after the issues in the tissue. This means within yourself and can also be a benefit in helping others that you are concerned for. Almost everyone that is in a physical difficulty is in some conflict. Its difficult to have a sense of harmony when your body hurts, when you are in pain, when you lose yourself conscious ability to make any kind of good decisions in your thoughts and/or in your mind. Emotions are in confusions and are not in balance with your higher self.

    So we are being touched by a lot of energy now that brings up many issues that need to be resolved inside of yourself and for others in their conflict too. So we are going to create a circle, a light workers healing circle. Where we focus on bringing into the circle, which can effectively touch one¡¦s self. Include yourself in the circle where you can find the peace in you and every area you are apart of right now.

    Meditation begins:

    So activate the consciousness of your egos and draw them to the center of your forebrain.... ¡K ¡K

    (Each of the class brought names into this circle.) ¡K ¡K In this moment lets know that the mind that was in Jesus Christ, the spirit of all that He is, is magnified in this moment, touching each and all that have been drawn into this circle of light. We ask that there be a clearer understanding for each one, that there be a clearer vision that is meant to be and how to be uplifted and in peace.

    (The mediation with the activation of the rays begins.)

    Message from Annanius

    Yes this is an effective means of bringing shifts in consciousness. Not only to your self but to all that are participating in the spiritual level of consciousness of self. This is a time for resolutions on many levels, for humanity, for what you perceive as planetary challenges as well as individual struggles and pain.

    So the overview is from the intensity of light, coming from hierarchy is raining into your atmosphere from sources unknown but affecting many internally. Part of these vibrations stream from the planetary energies from the universe but there is a greater element of light, which comes as the Crystalline light from the Cosmic Consciousness of the universe¡¦s on Source. So when these Crystalline rays, there are many facets of light, which hold truth, wisdom and knowing and clearing and vibrations that affect in you, your thinking, your feeling and your sense of self. Science cannot truly comprehend these energies directed to assist the shifts in human consciousness.

    How does it work? It comes as senses in you. It may feel as though you are experiencing unusual sensations in your body. It may appear that you know what you never knew before, that you are expanding in your sense of recognition concerning knowledge, history but beyond that, an inner peace unexplainable by words. You experience it as a strange sounds in your ears or waves moving through you unexplained, a sea of energy surrounding you, you never quit noticed before. When this is your experience just recognize it as the resource of energy that is transmitted from higher planes directed in you, to bring you through the change for the greater good of all who are in the earth.

    And though the healing you have participated in is very strong in the now. Healing is truly a shift in consciousness and occurs when one awakens to the light within and through the transitions in life.

    So now beloved ones perceive in these many rays you have activated, the frequency of Amethyst as a predominant source. It is creating, yes, strange results on many elements on your physical world but for the greater part there is time in you that needs the inner peace, the stillness and a sense of calmness towards what will be. Many storms and unusual events seem to override the calmness in human thought; many challenges that react in a war like way out of a terrorist¡¦s condition. These are the karmic elements of past life in motion within present time. These will all past in their own normal way and for now they are extraordinarily difficult to see the good in any of what has been. Trust beloved ones, there is a good overseeing the rages of the human consciousness.

    And now, perceive peace, not as a word, not just as an idea, not just as and ideology but as a state of being. Perceive it in you that in this moment of your experience there is this tranquility and sensibility and peace through all uncertainty.

    Walk without fear. I am Annanius and our teaching comes to assist in many others who walk the way with you in time. Go. And let the light of the Christ be in and through you.

  • Toni:

    We are in the lessons that include Planetary 7 and planetary 4 and the light ray is the Mint Green. We all know that Mint Green is the frequency that goes through your system and works with the cellular consciousness and all the physical levels of you and to bring new life into you by rejuvenating, re-creating, regenerating and to set new vibrations of your physical, mental, emotional and perceptual self. Before that rejuvenation, recreation actually transforms you face another part of you that is going through the death of the old. We think of cleaning our shin and getting rid of dead cells. Well inside of you there are a lot of old patterns that also are in need of being released, cleared and clean.

    So when you enter into the lesson of this light ray your symptoms may appear that you feel very exhausted, vbery tired, that you may want to rest because it is the letting go of the pressure, the pain, the consciousness of resistance that needs to be removed one more time before you feel the exhilaration, rejuvenation or the new light that is beginning as a new seed within you.

    For those who are in the planetary 7, your key is a symbol of a cornucopia and within that shows food, the harvest of the seeds of your thoughts. You also notice there is a symbol of the horn that represents the sound of the announcement of new consciousness coming to bring new life for you.

    What do you do with all this energy that is coming to you How do you cope with it How do you help yourself process What expectations do you have and what do you focus on to breakthrough the old and op[en to the new To some of you, you find that you just have these thoughts that go through your head. Some could be old anger thoughts or old conditions or situations that you seem to feel are not appropriate in your life in you to face this challenge. Others may have a sense of need to really clear out, clean up some old died issues. And really look at, how can I make things in a new and better way. And some of you have a new surge of creativeness you want to express and that¡¦s your soul giving you the vibrational energy to assist you, to make this happen.

    So with all this surface information we are going to go into a meditation and we will also include a planetary light network of energy for the earth and our planet and we also include a healing session for your family and your friends that are in need of new growth.

    So lets begin. Allow yourself feel your egos and awareness centered in the forebrain. Accept that all your awareness and egos come together as one, one consciousness and one vibration. Perceive that you are agreeing and creating a contract with yourself. The agreement and contract is that you are open to discover what you need to develop and you are ready and willing to let go of what is not serving you as you would love it to. So open this contract and agreement knowing that your egos and yourself are focused on this new stage of your spiritual integration. So with all the egos, personality, physical body, organic cellular, higher self and soul, move with awareness to the star center of the soul¡¦s body of light. Some call this the Merkaba, the vehicle of light. Its your body of light that you move in the space of your mind or the space of the universe as you know it. The body of light magnifies itself and it becomes like a sphere all around you. It could be like a Star of David. It could be come like a triangle or a pyramid and however it appears to you, this is your vehicle of light. And it is energized and is associated with the energies of light.

    So at this moment just visually see all the centers of light magnified, so you become like a rainbow of energy with White, Gold, Blue and Emerald Green and Violet Purple and Ruby Red, Orange and Pink and Amethyst and Mint Green and Scarlet. As this energy is in effect, the focus is on the Mint Green and this energy is so wonderful because it moves you through stagnation into action by new thought or perception, by new ideas or by new intentions.

    Take a moment and if there is any part of you physically, cellularly, organically that needs the energy to stimulate and to heal, know that the energy will move into those places in you. It could be physically within your head or within your torso or spine, it could be within any part of your physical nature in need of new growth, new vitality, a clearing. Some of you may see yourself in a place where you are pampering your body or pampering your own physical surroundings to just become in touch with all the wonderful fragrances and aromas that come from nature and come from the sources of nature and from the animal kingdom. And the exchange between yourself and how nature provides a source of new life for you and it is good.

    In this moment think of yourself being rejuvenated deep within and should there be any fears of what you must think of letting go. Accept that change is a process that evolves you to a better more ascended state of being. As you are experiencing the flow of this light, when you are ready you will simply move through the different dimensions. Moving the RainbowBridge of light, from Silver into and through all that carries you into the next phase of consciousness.

    Ask that you receive the messages that are appropriate for you. That messages and messengers come to you are ones you see or feel or be touched by their presence with you. Ask that those of the Council of Light, the teachers of your soul are present in this moment and you will hear what is appropriate for you. And you will guided to what you need to experience within. ¡K ¡K ¡K


    Message from the Masters

    Each of you are apart of the many who are in this opportunity to soar into new heights of spiritual awareness. Many of you are beginning to recognize that you are communicating in different ways with beings of different planes and you are in curiosity and a assimilation of information. Do not be afraid of what you see, feel or know, its all part of this surge of consciousness that is integrating with the human mind and within the human experience in readiness for the shifts in preparation for change.

    So in this moment perceive you are the bringers of light to others who fear the changes. You are the facilitators of light to those who struggle in the darkness. You are the healers bringing light to those whose struggles seem more challenging than wished to occur. In this dimension simply see you are part of the many multitudes that come as a network of beings, activating and actualizing light into the physical earth's atmosphere and into the consciousness of the mental bodies of humanity. Simply know that there will be those who receive. There will be those who understand and see past the illusions of the patterns of the old ways. And there are many who are connecting, integrating, seeing and becoming apart of a new age of human expression in more enlightened ways.

    Enlightenment comes not just as a meditative state of thought but enlightenment comes in which you sense change through you, awakening you to a new part of yourself and releasing yourself from the pains of the past. Enlightenment is, steps through the shifts of you as well as the planetary levels of movement and growth.

    So now in the network of light perceive the Radiance of the frequencies of Mint Green become predominately an activated state to bring growth, ideas, inspiration, new insights within yourself and those who are part of your path. And in this moment simply see that all life in the universe and into the physical world is connecting by the physics of energy, by the patterns of the light forms, by all that relates to bringing ideas into physical form.

    Now, hold that the earth is surrounded in its auric, a magnetic field, in which all the consciousness available to bring transformation into effect is in motion. For every human being on the planet there are many energies seeking to find its way into the human heart and into the human heart and into the consciousness that is starving for its spiritual understanding. ¡K ¡K ¡K

    The fear is that earth will not reach its elevated state before changes occur in a cataclysmic way. From the prospective of what we see there are more and more opening to the higher reality. What appear as sciences that detect a polar shift is still a theory and not an actuality. It appears as a probable course that would change life as you know it. But the focus of the now is to see this polarity shift a spiritual shift, a shift of the magnetics of consciousness that reverses the patterns of the ways of destruction to the act of healing the old elements of negativity to producing a new surge of technology and spirituality that renews life within earth and that the polarity shift is a consciousness of mind, thought and body uplifted by the frequencies of the cosmic rays of light. As you accept this in your conscious self, you become apart of your demonstration of the shift in you.

    So let go of any ideas that you approach an end of time, mostly perceive you are walking through a time period of where your increase of abilities expand. Where you see simultaneously in different dimensions of yourself. Where your understanding expands past the limitations of the 3rd dimension and envelopes and includes what you truly know as a Cosmic Sense.

    So from this planetary dimension of light, perceive you are one of many and many as one assisting in the activations of consciousness to bring an elevation of human life. The prayer and the thought is, Father/Mother spirit of all that is manifests through mind by way of light bringing abundance and fulfillment into all earthly existence. As you note this and affirm this, it increases the reality of its fulfillment in you and all that is apart of you.

    And now, when you are ready you will move back into the physical self and the activation of the pyramid of light transpires. Within this, bring those you know who seek change, support, a way through the devastation, away through the anger of human living who break the bonds of fear and find the way for new wellness and safety in life. Perceive that all who live by the way of fear, creating conflict in their own path are enveloped in this radiance of light and in the healing of this Radiant Mint Ray. Simply hold change is in effect and it manifests in its own way and all are open to experience the change its meant to bring, for peace within the heart of humanity.

    If you have family members and friends and beings of the light struggling with challenges, hold them in this sacred space. Those who struggle with situations in need of change, in transformation, perceive them open to the process. Let go of judging. Let go of controlling. Let go of seeking the answers, simply present all into this pyramid of light knowing their vibrations will receive what they need for their own path and so it is. ¡K ¡K ¡K

    And now we ask a healing for all those not in body but in spirit too and for all those who share in this time of unity and oneness and so it is. ¡K ¡K ¡K

    May the light magnified touch every mind, heart and soul. ¡K And though it appears you are but a few truly know there are many, many, others. ¡K ¡K ¡K Whatever your concerns, know there is a new awakening occurring and whatever there is in need of healing is requested, shifts are in motion. ¡K ¡K And now by the Order of Melchizedek, accept there is peace and new life and new growth and new changes for each and all and go in peace. ¡K ¡K ¡K

    Ground yourself when you come back.

  • Toni:

    Tonight's class is a combination with Pl. 4  & Pl. 7.  As you all know it is not simple to combine your lessons, so your lessons are yours and you get to study them on your own.  We come together because we can share in the meditation and in the meditation we receive what we know is the internal work that truly brings that healing into our selves. 

    So to those who are in planetary 4 the basic experience of your own process is releasing deep-seated patterns, which have come from the lives you have lived from other times.  It is breaking from patterns you have created from this life and it is in the deep cellular nature of your physical system.  You are really working on trying to understand what is in you that needs to be brought to the surface, so you can look at it, feel it, release it and heal it and that is primarily the basic whole intent of planetary 4.  Revealing in you what you are here to overcome, to dissipate, to rejuvenate, to regenerate and to uplift into higher consciousness. 

    For those who are planetary 7, you are working with the mediations and pyramids of light as you have before but there is this added experience of being activated by keys and codes of consciousness.  These keys and codes are apart of your true pattern within the soul.  They are called the language of light and to understand it or get it is almost impossible.  It is a preparation for your evolving self, which comes in its own time for Cosmic Consciousness.  If you do not do the keys, it is not about your not achieving anything, it's the time for you to experience that or it's not in sync where you are at, IT'S OK. 

    So understand spiritually, you are all in the right place and you are all in the right experience and you are just meant to be for this time in your own soul¡¦s consciousness.  There is no shame, blame or guilt about not doing the keys or avoiding them, its always going to be available.  It will always be in some way ready when you are ready to do that part of it.  To others who really do it, listen and feel the vibration of it, it's a beginning.  It's a beginning of something we cannot comprehend.  It's a really powerful imprint of consciousness and it is awesome and wonderful and very challenging to intellectually understand. 

    Both classes are in levels that are very complex and very difficult and yet they are so awesome in the work, the inner work that is taking place within your self. 

    Meditation begins:

    For know, we meditate together, as though we are all on the same level, in the same experience and open to what is brought to us, for the upliftment of our self. 

    Once more just get focused and center your thoughts and awareness and egos to the forebrain.  Our lesson is for the integration of the vibration of the Radiant Pink Ray.  Our egos are focused in the forebrain, perceive you are aware of yourself, surrendering or opening to the possibilities of accepting in totality the vibration of the light bringing unconditional love, into your thoughts, into your total physical nature and experiencing its radiant consciousness within all that you are. 

    So as your egos are preparing, direct them into the center of the White light.  Perceive them as your laboratory, the place of communicating with your higher knowledge and higher self and the Radiance of White light opens you to just accept what you know and see what you know and experience what you see and what you know with unconditional trust.  The trust is in you being in total guidance and protection, within your mind and your soul and all that you are. 

    So now, perceive that within this energy, you are able to accept and see and know what¡¦s important for your understanding.  And as you activate the Radiant Golden light, you let into the light what has caused you to be in anger or rage or confusion or fear.  You are letting the conscious memories and conditions that have brought great challenges to you, you are letting it move into the light of the Golden Ray.  So you can sense yourself being free from the confusing conditions that are in painful activity.  You are clearing and transforming.  Accept, the Golden Light is very strong, assisting you to dynamically act with wisdom and strength and courage and will. 

    Feel the Radiance of the Wisdom light, its Blue energy surrounds you and moves internally within you and you are at peace, totally, completely at peace.  And in this peaceful state of being you are open to receive what you need to know and to understand what is the right and positive consciousness that practices unconditional love.  Affirm that you have a depth of understanding, along with knowledge allowing you to practice unconditional love. 

    And now into the center of the Emerald Green Ray, feel the throat chakra magnifying the vibration and with this light you are feeling a balance within yourself.  Accept you are in strength and courage to follow what you know is the balance for you and all that surrounds you, with relationships and opportunity and your creativity and your work. 

    Now into the center of the will, Violet Purple is the frequency that assists us in integrating a consciousness that helps us recognize the purpose, the intent and the direction of our goals, in our spirit and our mind.  Just know that you are accepted and accepting a higher will to guide you through all that has been uncertain within you. 

    Now into the center of the Radiant Ruby Red, magnify its light.  If there is anything in you that you need to heal physically, emotionally, intensify its radiance in you.  It could be exhaustion, emotional sadness, anger or rage or fear, whatever comes up as opportunity let it be in the light with love.

    Now through the Orange, the intensity of yourself, in reference to your own spiritual and sensitive nature, feel this radiance of energy clearing away any false images, any false ideas and/or any projections that are not in truth.  Ask; ask that you see what you need to know and know what you need to see and you are free from all illusion and experiencing unconditional love in all that you do and all that you say. 

    And now, into what the Radiant Pink Ray magnifies, bring thought and awareness and you and just accept Pink Light of balance and harmony of Divine Love is strengthening and uplifting everything in you. 

    Now Amethyst, Mint Green and Scarlet will be magnified and you will be ready to move up through the central vertical axis of you and up through the Silver Ray, the Rainbow Bridge and you are ready to accept and be apart of being your role in the planetary levels of light. 

    Message from Annanius

    The language of love, it becomes difficult to understand, for love is neither emotion but includes emotion within its expression.  Love is not idealistically portrayed in images of romance but love is often experienced in such a way. Divine Love is the balance between all stages of evolving consciousness.  Divine Love is the thread that brings all things into harmony in dimensions not often known or seen.  Divine Love is out of the Christ Consciousness and is integrated through the opportunity of learning how to express compassion in lightening thought, the higher perspective of life's needs and intentions.  Love guides.  It is the source that over rides the pain of emptiness, the pain of disappointment, the pain of fear, the pain of challenges. 

    So in this moment beloved ones, accept you are in the flow, in the vibration of what love is.  It is that which comes in divine activity.  Divine means something not of the human nature but out of the higher mind, which spirit is.  Love is the spiritual perspective of being in total harmony in what you experience from the Source of your creation and creator. 

    So, now in this moment, think of love through you bringing to you all of its many facets of expression and trust apart of you knows what this love is.  A part of you remembers how it is to experience this kind of love.  Some of you have touches of this love, in great moments of your life.  Some of you find in moments of deep sadness and pain.  Some of you experience it in the most challenging lesson of life.  But it is a real energy from the spiritual consciousness, out of the Christ essence of life. 

    And now, you are touched by its real flow of light.  As it moves through you a change occurs, it shifts you form the uncertainty to a place in trust.  It shifts you from the fear of loss, the fear of separation, the guilt from past lessons to accepting that from this moment forward you are able to receive love easier.  You are open to accept the love you need with greater joy and peace that you will open within the heart to respond to how love touches you.  The more you become truly touched by its presence the more the light of this explores, expresses and touches others.  In the vision of what you see this love brings,  a connection to many others, opening their minds to the acceptance of its healing within them. 

    In this moment as the earth is in its stages of change and much of humanity is being effected by many vibrations out of the hierarchical consciousness, there is a raising of human thoughts to new levels of practice, behavior and peace.  So science sees a mystery taking place, seeking to understand its meaning.  Many are recognizing frequencies not before witnessed or seen.  An awareness of new forms of science are coming through to open human thought, to what lies beyond what is known as this reality. 

    So accept, shift is in effect; change is in motion, to find love is the key, to bring about the new earth and what lies ahead in the next stages of humanity.

    So in this moment perceive you are apart of the many who are open to responding to that higher state of love and light and healing. 

    When you are ready and you feel yourself back into the physical body, feel your auric energy magnified throughout your field and bring those to you, your father, your brother, your mother, your sons, your daughters, your friends, your lovers, bring them in and truly let go of what stands between you as obstacles.  Simply see that what unites you is a thread and bond of love between you, an unspoken spiritual bond and a link of light.  And trust this and what brings to it the upliftment and change required. 

    And now, I am Annanius and there is excitement, more than you can see because out of these many beings of light there is a knowing of miracles in focus right now as we speak.  So hold your family in a state of new growth, new joy, new freedom, a playfulness of light, a celebration of love, let it be. 

    When you are ready.  ¡K When you are ready, bring awareness back into your self and feel your self grounding and touching the earth with new peace and so it is. 

  • Toni:

    All the levels are remarkable but Planetary 8 particularly deals with the causal system within the soul. Pl 8 is like the level of grace. Its like releasing within the karmic patterns within the soul system, any other remaining conditions. It is like entering into a stage of grace and it is awesome. So the white light and meditation procedures are very similar.

    Those who are in the Planetary 5, this lesson is all about clearing and 5 is relationships. So the number 5 always deals with relationships, group service and family activity and that is really what this whole year has been about. This particular level of the light work really emphasizes that. So interesting how your stuff is coming up, in families, jobs and its all group service. Your commitment to what do I do, do I get a job or am I committed to doing my creative writing and following a path less traveled. This is very synchronistic for where you all are at.

    Meditation begins:

    So our class begins their new levels and we have planetary 5 and planetary 8. We combine these in a meditation which is universal and which meets the lessons for each one that is participating. We also know there is a lot more here than just the physical students because the masters tell us that we are a vortex or a center and there are many drawn to this. They are drawn for the purpose of deeper understanding within their spiritual level of light but also as participants to help raise the vibration of human consciousness in earth. Its exciting to always start another phase and we always begin with the Christ light or the White light. That is appropriate because it sets the pace for the total spiritual journey of the lessons of light in the level you are participating in.

    So we begin. Relax your minds. Feel your body's becoming very still. And feel yourself empting and releasing your self. ¡K ¡K ¡K

    Message from the Masters

    Yes, all who have come to unite in this activity, perceives yourself connecting to the radiance of the Christ Spirit and all that it magnifies, manifests within you and opportunities that demonstrate divine love in the activities of life. Ask that you see clearly who you are. Ask that you affirm your openness to know your purpose and intent. You have come to the crossroads in which you are releasing yourself from the fears of your childhood, the fears of making errors in judgments and releasing yourself from failing in your mind. A failure to recognize your own gifts, release this. There are no failures; there are only opportunities to grow, to attain more opportunities of service and light.

    Welcome those who come to you in thought or vision. Recognize them as faces that appear to you or you sense that you are apart of beings, angelic beings and others linked to this transformative service for human consciousness.

    So remember that the Order of Melchizedek's purpose is to bring the light for all souls to find the way and to transform through human opportunity to their greater spiritualized self. All walk the path that was presented by the Son of God as the light of the Christ spirit. All masters serve the same Supreme Being and Creator of All that is and that all paths unite in the ultimate state of oneness.

    Ask that you see clearly what is your heart link with family, with service, with community and with others, that you find your harmony, your synchronicity with what blends with your soul's path. Trust, the doors will open, the way will be made known and accept there is many struggles that occur but out of the struggle becomes the strength, the courage, the will to move past the obstacles.

    Now perceive this radiance of White light as the network surrounding the earth. Perceive earth as a star within the universe and this network of light connects all who are rising to a higher state of conscious acceptance of their role within this unity of love and light. And where you see the darkness and where you see the denseness, cloudiness, the confusing conditions blocking the higher law, do not be discouraged but focus and see that the light within all can be ignited in time. See yourself as part of a great community that unites many on all different paths of service and growth. Know that all paths bring both truth and conditional fear for the lessons to be learned.

    Those who are in the stage of soul casual healing just accept you are opening the door to the records of your soul; you are opening your mind to sense and see what is the connection with you in other life opportunities. But you are breaking from the hardness of the past and setting yourself free to the higher law of grace. And within those of the communities and families and the focus of service in light, see yourself being touched with your creativeness and open to all that lies ahead of you.

    And when you are ready to enter into the pyramid work of light, accept your magnetic field is already set. And you come into its own space and bringing thoughts and those who you are connected too. See them here, right with you and sense they are clearing their confusions, intensities and simply are opening to what is necessary for personal growth and development. And for those who need healing, we ask that the bodies in need of balance, alignment, structural change and other challenges of the physical nature perceive that all needs are meant and all situations are resolved to bring the greater good into effect. And where there is an intervention and need for medical attention that it¡¦s all in proper order. Perceive all in need for physical wellness and spiritual integration be brought into the center of the light, holding them in receiving the touch of the masters of their soul's consciousness.

    Now perceive, each and all that are bonded by the mind and the heart are all in receptivity to this great celebration of the Christ Spirit and the Cosmic Consciousness that is manifesting in its own flow to those open and receptive.

    Go in peace and may the light in you touch all apart of you.

    And when you are ready, bring yourself back and you will feel a total release of challenges and burdens or fear and so it is.

  • Toni:

    You think of God as the Source and its up there, which is the Mind of that Source and it filters through all the different levels and different expressions of life.  The Cosmic Consciousness is the level where you are totally in tune with universal understanding.  Where you feel so totally one with everything that is.  So that if you were in Cosmic Consciousness and you are really there, you can have a grasshopper on your hand, you would be connected to it.  It would no longer be an insect but you would feel the spark of life or the energy of that in a similar way, as you know yourself.  Anyone who has experienced Cosmic Consciousness sees within everything, patterns of light.

    Christ Consciousness is what I perceive as another level and this is where we learn the teachings which Jesus brought to us or other masters who have that same purpose as His in raising the consciousness of others and bringing them through the Karmic wheel into the law of grace.  All religions have their teachers or masters that are their Gods.  Each of those who are part of that, have demonstrated some form of truth or wisdom or light and have prepared a way for people to follow and to find their path to a sate of enlightenment of to a state of higher consciousness.  So that is what our Course of Light is, a path that prepares our body, mind, soul and all of what we are to go through what we need to break from, our old patterns and establish new thought and enter in to new stages, where we can live by the Law of Grace which Jesus taught us.  So that is Christ Consciousness, demonstrating the Law of Grace or seeing within others that Christed Spirit.  The Namaste is like another word for; I greet the Christ in you as you see the Christ in me. 

    All most all forms of practices of a spiritual nature will have a form of greeting.  Even in the marshal arts, they bow to the master in you or the honor of you or the reflection of what is the higher attainment of yourself. 

    So the Crystalline light is the vibration that comes to us.  I see them as raindrops but they come like little diamonds, they just kind of rain down, teardrops all around but you can start to feel it in your head.  Its hard to explain but you can just kind of feel like things are going on in here (Toni points to her head).  Old stuff, sometimes it hurts and sometimes you get a big shift.  You take a deep breath, you let go and Wow I don¡¦t feel that way anymore.  I don't feel that pain of tightness, its like I feel really clear.  I wish we could be like that all the time and we are not.  But more and more you get to become like that. 

    (Penny commented on the intuitiveness.)  Right, the 6th sense is part of our evolvement, out of our conscious human limited 5 senses and opening to the other true part of our self, our natural 6th sense. 

    I don¡¦t know if this is true but it seems the lighter you become the heavier it feels.  Its like the more you are clear, the more you realize how unclear everything is around you.  That¡¦s when it becomes challenging because you can walk into a room and it feels like pea soup (clouded) or you could be going through a room and it seems like some kind of energy, that is conflicting.  (Penny; being around some people that have the drama and trauma going on)  Thats it.

    Meditation begins:

    Just allow your self to be totally relaxed and simply accept that all of your egos and awareness is centered.  Remind yourself that this center is your seat of human consciousness.  This is your human nature and this is your control center of your human nature and with your egos together in that center there is a merging of their consciousness.  So, you can be single minded, one mind, one thought and one consciousness and with this you have the ability to move through the different levels.  Think of your self physically with these bodies, you have your physical body, perceptual, emotional and mental and that is your 3rd dimensional self.  Than you have the etheric body and it to has many different bodies of awareness but we connect them all.  See them as astral etheric consciousness. 

    And we move to the 5th dimension, which is the dimension of soul.  This is your soul¡¦s focus and the star center is the communication point of your soul; soul is not bound, by body and soul can travel through any level.  It has its own vehicle of light, the Merkaba.  The Merkaba is your vehicle by which the soul can travel through time and through places to other dimensions.  Soul is connected with you because it is the human part that soul is fulfilling its own destiny, its own record, its own needs and its own intention.  So your body and human nature that when it merges with soul there becomes a partnership of a new level of acceptance, of soul as the governor or in charge of being of your light.  Your human self is not denied its will; it unites with the will and becomes a surrendering experience by love. 

    So in this moment simply see you are a vehicle of light and you are free to move about, to travel and to enter into the network of light by choice.  

    We are taught to rise up through our own axis like the earth and move within that framework of technique to shift into these higher dimensions or what we know as our planetary centers.  We are connected in our planetary centers with many we have never seen, with many we are yet to know and we are connected with beautiful guides, counselors, teachers, masters and the Christ. 

    Message from Annanius

    Accept as I speak that this moment is a shift in you, individually.  A shift becomes awakened or you become awakened to this shift as your senses physically and your senses soul wise expand.  The word expansion is relative to the abilities of greater knowledge and abilities in light. 

    Already each of you, have been expanding through the different stages of your individual progress.  Your senses are more active on all levels.  You sense smell; you sense touch, all of your physical senses.  You have stronger reactions to all energies surrounding you.  And in the levels of the light you are more aware of your participation with other beings and their connections with you in the processes of raising the energy levels to be more in line with the Christed way of love. 

    The lessons that each of you walk through are not simple.  They are apart of the lessons of becoming a master of your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit.  A master is one who is able to see, understand and grasp the experience as the lesson, as the demonstration, as the choice and seeing it from the view that it is the opportunity for you to demonstrate unconditional love.  To attain such achievements is not easy nor is it simple to walk the path, it is filled with many obstacles. 

    But as you are recognizing yourself being freed from your limited thinking and past challenges your mind and all that you are is awakening to a much more freer state of being.  What is the free state of being?  Its knowing that as you are, you are in choice of presenting what you know, what you are learning, how you are growing and accepting it all in its truest state of grace. 

    In the Keys and Codes you are experiencing as I speak a flow of light and the Crystalline light ray moves through and into all that you are, not from the source of yourself but by that which comes from the hierarchical consciousness.  It is like the tears of light that carries the wisdoms of the ages.  It is like the unseen vibrations but the power of the force of release.  It comes like a shower, raining upon you and you find through this that your thoughts are clear, that your openness to see becomes more a reality.  You are able to see through the illusions, recognizing that the illusion is practiced more directly through the human experience.  But more from the cosmic view and with the Christ Consciousness within you, you are simply seeing through the illusion to the pattern and light to its truest reality.  In this energy you may see many colors, like the view of seeing the diamond and recognizing the brilliance within it.  The diamond is the symbol but it becomes a force of energy that surrounds you and affects you and where you move quickly through the changes necessary to unlock all the resistances and fears of the past. 

  • You are all very powerful and the light and energy is very strong. So at this moment each of you just relax your body and bring your thoughts and awareness to the center of your forebrain. Perceive all of your egos centered in this part of you. Just know that we are all of one mind, one thought, one consciousness and we ask that the mind be in us, which was also in Christ Jesus and Buddha. We call upon the masters to bring to us the lessons of our soul's need. We ask that we be open to receive the insight and guidance to fulfill our vision and our destiny.

    So perceive your egos are moving through your body and you are arising in awareness up through your physical, emotional, perceptual, mental and you move through the astral etheric body to the star center just up above your physical self.

    And as the energy of your star center is magnified see it moving counter-clock-wise in 150 ft. all around you. Perceive that your energy is clearing your auric field and it is releasing any negativity that is surrounding you. Perceive that each of the centers of light within your soul is activated.

    As the Gold is in motion, you are accepting you are co-creators with your higher self. Whatever sadness, depression, you are releasing it into the light. You are seeing, feeling and knowing you are open to joy and bliss of your higher self.

    As the Wisdom Light is in motion, perceive it clearing any fears and doubts about yourself. Accept that the wisdom of the masters is understood by you and all of your conscious self. And that in this moment you are experiencing total peace in all parts of you.

    Into the center of the Emerald Green perceive yourself releasing any barriers to your creative intentions. Feel this energy surging through you balancing all of your nature. Affirm that you are able to create what you intend to express. Experience, as I speak that you are open to abundance and prosperity of love and happiness and wealth. Accept that you are receiving what you need to create your destiny.

    Now to the center of the Violet Purple Ray feel its energy flowing through you. Know that the way is made clear for who you are and what you wish to do. Perceive that you are in the guidance and the direction of the masters and angles of your life.
    Now into the center of the Heart chakra, just feel the light healing you from the fears of being disapproved of. Whatever losses you have experienced regarding emotions and feelings of regret, let it go. Really accept and know there is a surge of light that is ready to heal your feelings about yourself. You are accepting that you have all the love you need to give and to share with others.

    Move into the frequency of Orange and just ask that if you have any distortions about your members of your family and about yourself, they be healed. Just perceive you are cutting the negative conditions that are harmful to you and others. You are releasing yourself from negative bonds and conditions that do not serve you at this time. Feel the Orange Light releasing your self from psychic connections.

    Now perceive the Radiance of Pink is just intensifying within you. Affirm that you are in balance and harmony and peace on all levels for your body, mind, soul and spirit. Feel yourself accepting the love of Christ and all the angels.

    And now into the Amethyst, know that what your body needs to heal from Amethyst assists you in resolving conflicts. Now into the Mint Green and accept you are creating new ideas and thoughts and intentions for your life. Accept the vibrations and intensity of energy is working through you and assisting you in new visions. Perceive Scarlet being activated and it¡¦s vibration energizes you and intensifies your desires and wishes and dreams in this level of your path.

    Now we go into a very, very deep level. Some of you will rise up through your own central vertical axis. Some of you will move into the planetary centers while others will move into the levels of angelic light. Know that you are receiving what you need to assist you through all changes.

    Message from Annanius

    The lessons of light are presented to you, as you are able to experience their truth within you. You are in times that are most difficult for bringing in the light. But your light is very effective in assisting changes for earth and humanity. So know that you are participating in a paradigm movement for new consciousness within the earth itself. It appears that in the human consciousness of the family of earth there are many resistances. It appears that the struggles of the human egos are greater than the understanding of the inner self and the higher self of light. But I tell you that the radiance of you, individually as a group and as a network of light is shifting through the negativity. You are making a difference in the most critical times of this beginning stage of the millennium of the new earth. So though, you may feel you are inadequate and without importance, you are important in this work. You are in service to the Christed Consciousness affecting those in a shift to higher awareness. You are each messengers being trained to respond to what love and light is manifesting.

    So in this moment as I present my experience to you, you are surrounded in radiance of energies to heal you. I am Annanius and I am here at this moment in time to connect you to the greater realities of light beings in the network of energy. For you as an individual you are connected to many other beings of light and are in the presence of your light. There is great joy as there is a connectedness in motion that is manifesting powerful radiance of energy for peace.

    As students of this work you art awakening each and every day to new insights, knowledge and lessons of challenge and it is good. In this moment there are many helping you individually to break the bonds that tie you to the past. All of this is to assist you in the recreation of a new world of living in the light. But yes there are many stages that must be accomplished before all comes into this reality. So you are in a stage of creating new opportunities of healing conditions of mind, body and soul. The more you are healing your own individual life experience the more others are being healed with you.

    So as given through this opportunity focus on what you wish to create and ask that you be provided what is needed to fulfill your dream. Observe how you are changing inwardly and outwardly too. Let go of the fear that there be too much to do. Let go of the fear that it is all too great for you to be effective. You are all participants in the great surge of new consciousness for earth. And with all the angels that are present and the master teachers in this experience of light, be open to their link with you.

    And as I speak, the Order of Melchizedek brings a blessing to this center. Know that what is in effect is apart of who you are and what you contribute. So now all of you as beloved students be at peace. May the great spirit of the Christ be apart of you and in you and lead you. And so it is go in peace.