• Morganite is a pink, peach or purple/pink variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate mineral with hardness of 7.5 to 8. Its crystal system is hexagonal (trigonal).Its color is caused by manganese. Morganite was mined first in Madagascar in 1902. It was named after the financier and mineral collector J.P. Morgan. Important deposits of Morganite come from Brazil, Madagascar, Africa and the United States.

    As Rose Quartz is the great energizer of personal love and self love , Morganite is attuned most clearly to the frequency of Divine love. Morganite open the heart on another level, making us aware of the huge ocean of cosmic love within which we all exist. Morganite give us the opportunity to surrender to the immense power of Divine love and let it show us our life path more clearly.



    Morganite can bring an immediate release of old pain and sorrow and a sense of lightness, as though a burden has been lifted. It can make the healing of old wounds easier, bringing long-forgotten traumas into consciousness where one can relive them one last time as they are being released. Morganite brings in the frequency of Divine compassion, which gives us what we most need for our growth, if not always what we think we want. Morganite is recommended to all those who wish to do serious inner work and emotional self-healing. Not only can it cleanse and activate the heart, bringing it into harmony with the Divine plan, it can also awaken us to the awareness that all of our life's suffering and pain served the higher purpose of our spiritual growth. With this awareness comes the inner surrender which releases us from the pain to which we had been unconsciously clinging.

    Wearing Morganite, especially in gem form, brings a sense of peace, joy and inner strength, expressed in the most gentle and loving fashion. When one keeps Morganite on one's person for extended periods of time, there is a growth of confidence and power that comes from being constantly aware of one's connection to Divine love. One feels as though one is a conduit for that love to flow into the world through all one's interactions and relationships.

    Morganite is a Water element ally that acts to cleanse and energize the heart and emotional body. The energy of Morganite opens and clears the heart chakra and promotes the healing of fear, resentment and anger. It is excellent for ridding oneself of  attachment to past relationships that have ended badly or about which one feels unresolved. It can help one recognize emotional patterns that need to be cleared before a new relationship can be successful. If one is seeking a soul-mate relationship, Morganite helps one identify the attitudes, past wounds and habitual relationship patterns that may be standing in the way of engaging one’s Soul partner.

    Beyond personal relationships, Morganite assists in connecting with Divine Love and the Universal Heart Frequency. It can help one move out of judgment and separation and into a more holistic emotional paradigm. Morganite is aligned with angelic energies and can be used to connect with and receive guidance from angelic beings. Because of its heart-activating properties, this ally with help one align more closely with the loving energies of higher entities, allowing one to feel more supported by Spirit on the emotional level. It can aid one in developing trust in Spirit-particularly where one has had a loss or tragedy which has tested one’s faith in the Divine.

    Morganite is also called ‘Pink Emerald.’ and it is aptly named. It speaks of the abundance of the heart and the prosperity of Love. It helps attune one to the energy of abundance and to open to receive the love of the Divine. While Emerald’s frequency stimulates worldly prosperity, Morganite brings a sense of emotional abundance, love, and peaceful acceptance and trust for the Divine’s plan for one’s life.


    SPIRITUAL    Morganite assists one in connecting to Divine love and the angelic heart. It helps one to be receptive of the loving words, actions and energy of others and to be less protective of one’s emotional vulnerability. It teaches protection through love, rather than fear.

    EMOTIONAL    Morganite can aid in recognizing the emotional patterns of judgment, fear-based self-protection an manipulation that may make meaningful relationship difficult. It can help one attract one’s soul mate or deepen one’s current relationships. It can be used to bring feeling of peace and acceptance when one is facing grief or deep loss.

    PHYSICAL    Morganite’s energy supports the physical heart, strengthening its energy field and helping to establish the heart’s natural dominance in the aura.

    AFFIRMATION     Divine love enters this world through the gate of my heart.

  • The color pink is associated with love and other matters of the heart, and pink tourmaline is the quintessential heart-chakra stone. It is a representative of the feminine, or yin energies. It is unsurpassed as a gemstone aid in healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood. It emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders feelings of comfort, safety and nurturance. In meditation, one should hold or place a pink tourmaline upon the heart chakra, visualizing a pink light radiating from the stone and ultimately encompassing the body in a pink cloud or bubble. This will infuse the entire emotional body with love and can restore a sense of wholeness.


    Pink Tourmaline can be used to repair 'holes' in the auric field created by negative attachments or past abuse. Wearing or carrying a pink tourmaline crystal or gem through the day can assist one in releasing stress, worries, depression and anxiety. These crystals can help the emotionally 'numb' recover their passion and zest for life. They strengthen the link between the heart and crown chakras, opening the pathway for infusion of the heart with the highest Divine energies. They can help the timid find the courage to love, and they can increase the trait of gentleness in most individuals. Wearing Pink Tourmaline turns one into a beacon of its loving and healing energies, making it more difficult for others to project negativity in one's direction and often influencing them towards greater kindness and tolerance.


    Pink Tourmaline works synergistically with Rose Quartz, Morganite, Kunzite, Thulite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Malachite, Dioptase and Pink Calcite, for healing the heart and restoring love.

        Pink Tourmaline supports emotional healing and the activation of the heart chakra. It stimulates feelings of joy, happiness and  relaxation. Due to its high lithium content, it is a powerful calming stone that can calm the emotions and the physical body. It is a partner to Black Tourmaline in relieving stress and diffusing worry or obsessive behavior. In meditation, Pink Tourmaline can aid in clearing and purifying the emotional body. It helps identify emotional patterns no longer aligned with one's spiritual growth and can assist in changing these patterns to reflect higher approaches to relationship and communication.

    Pink Tourmaline is an excellent stone for children-particularly the spiritually sensitive 'Indigos'-because it provides a centering, calming energy that can assist them in considering consequence and karma before taking action.


    SPIRITUAL   Pink Tourmaline activates the high-heart center and one's ability to surrender to Love. It helps one find strength in vulnerability and feel joy in all one's learning experiences.

    EMOTIONAL   Pink Tourmaline is a powerful emotional imbalance and cleanser. It is one of the strongest stones for alleviating stress and the emotional imbalances that can stem from that state. It is a powerful stone for children, especially when hyperactivity or difficulty sleeping is an issue.

    PHYSICAL   Pink Tourmaline helps calm and soothe the heart, assisting with angina, irregular heartbeat and recovery from heart attack. It is useful in balancing brain biochemistry to help promote a balanced mental state.

    AFFIRMATION My heart is healed and whole, and I radiate the energies of love.

  • Toni:

    Tonight's class is a combination with Pl. 4  & Pl. 7.  As you all know it is not simple to combine your lessons, so your lessons are yours and you get to study them on your own.  We come together because we can share in the meditation and in the meditation we receive what we know is the internal work that truly brings that healing into our selves. 

    So to those who are in planetary 4 the basic experience of your own process is releasing deep-seated patterns, which have come from the lives you have lived from other times.  It is breaking from patterns you have created from this life and it is in the deep cellular nature of your physical system.  You are really working on trying to understand what is in you that needs to be brought to the surface, so you can look at it, feel it, release it and heal it and that is primarily the basic whole intent of planetary 4.  Revealing in you what you are here to overcome, to dissipate, to rejuvenate, to regenerate and to uplift into higher consciousness. 

    For those who are planetary 7, you are working with the mediations and pyramids of light as you have before but there is this added experience of being activated by keys and codes of consciousness.  These keys and codes are apart of your true pattern within the soul.  They are called the language of light and to understand it or get it is almost impossible.  It is a preparation for your evolving self, which comes in its own time for Cosmic Consciousness.  If you do not do the keys, it is not about your not achieving anything, it's the time for you to experience that or it's not in sync where you are at, IT'S OK. 

    So understand spiritually, you are all in the right place and you are all in the right experience and you are just meant to be for this time in your own soul¡¦s consciousness.  There is no shame, blame or guilt about not doing the keys or avoiding them, its always going to be available.  It will always be in some way ready when you are ready to do that part of it.  To others who really do it, listen and feel the vibration of it, it's a beginning.  It's a beginning of something we cannot comprehend.  It's a really powerful imprint of consciousness and it is awesome and wonderful and very challenging to intellectually understand. 

    Both classes are in levels that are very complex and very difficult and yet they are so awesome in the work, the inner work that is taking place within your self. 

    Meditation begins:

    For know, we meditate together, as though we are all on the same level, in the same experience and open to what is brought to us, for the upliftment of our self. 

    Once more just get focused and center your thoughts and awareness and egos to the forebrain.  Our lesson is for the integration of the vibration of the Radiant Pink Ray.  Our egos are focused in the forebrain, perceive you are aware of yourself, surrendering or opening to the possibilities of accepting in totality the vibration of the light bringing unconditional love, into your thoughts, into your total physical nature and experiencing its radiant consciousness within all that you are. 

    So as your egos are preparing, direct them into the center of the White light.  Perceive them as your laboratory, the place of communicating with your higher knowledge and higher self and the Radiance of White light opens you to just accept what you know and see what you know and experience what you see and what you know with unconditional trust.  The trust is in you being in total guidance and protection, within your mind and your soul and all that you are. 

    So now, perceive that within this energy, you are able to accept and see and know what¡¦s important for your understanding.  And as you activate the Radiant Golden light, you let into the light what has caused you to be in anger or rage or confusion or fear.  You are letting the conscious memories and conditions that have brought great challenges to you, you are letting it move into the light of the Golden Ray.  So you can sense yourself being free from the confusing conditions that are in painful activity.  You are clearing and transforming.  Accept, the Golden Light is very strong, assisting you to dynamically act with wisdom and strength and courage and will. 

    Feel the Radiance of the Wisdom light, its Blue energy surrounds you and moves internally within you and you are at peace, totally, completely at peace.  And in this peaceful state of being you are open to receive what you need to know and to understand what is the right and positive consciousness that practices unconditional love.  Affirm that you have a depth of understanding, along with knowledge allowing you to practice unconditional love. 

    And now into the center of the Emerald Green Ray, feel the throat chakra magnifying the vibration and with this light you are feeling a balance within yourself.  Accept you are in strength and courage to follow what you know is the balance for you and all that surrounds you, with relationships and opportunity and your creativity and your work. 

    Now into the center of the will, Violet Purple is the frequency that assists us in integrating a consciousness that helps us recognize the purpose, the intent and the direction of our goals, in our spirit and our mind.  Just know that you are accepted and accepting a higher will to guide you through all that has been uncertain within you. 

    Now into the center of the Radiant Ruby Red, magnify its light.  If there is anything in you that you need to heal physically, emotionally, intensify its radiance in you.  It could be exhaustion, emotional sadness, anger or rage or fear, whatever comes up as opportunity let it be in the light with love.

    Now through the Orange, the intensity of yourself, in reference to your own spiritual and sensitive nature, feel this radiance of energy clearing away any false images, any false ideas and/or any projections that are not in truth.  Ask; ask that you see what you need to know and know what you need to see and you are free from all illusion and experiencing unconditional love in all that you do and all that you say. 

    And now, into what the Radiant Pink Ray magnifies, bring thought and awareness and you and just accept Pink Light of balance and harmony of Divine Love is strengthening and uplifting everything in you. 

    Now Amethyst, Mint Green and Scarlet will be magnified and you will be ready to move up through the central vertical axis of you and up through the Silver Ray, the Rainbow Bridge and you are ready to accept and be apart of being your role in the planetary levels of light. 

    Message from Annanius

    The language of love, it becomes difficult to understand, for love is neither emotion but includes emotion within its expression.  Love is not idealistically portrayed in images of romance but love is often experienced in such a way. Divine Love is the balance between all stages of evolving consciousness.  Divine Love is the thread that brings all things into harmony in dimensions not often known or seen.  Divine Love is out of the Christ Consciousness and is integrated through the opportunity of learning how to express compassion in lightening thought, the higher perspective of life's needs and intentions.  Love guides.  It is the source that over rides the pain of emptiness, the pain of disappointment, the pain of fear, the pain of challenges. 

    So in this moment beloved ones, accept you are in the flow, in the vibration of what love is.  It is that which comes in divine activity.  Divine means something not of the human nature but out of the higher mind, which spirit is.  Love is the spiritual perspective of being in total harmony in what you experience from the Source of your creation and creator. 

    So, now in this moment, think of love through you bringing to you all of its many facets of expression and trust apart of you knows what this love is.  A part of you remembers how it is to experience this kind of love.  Some of you have touches of this love, in great moments of your life.  Some of you find in moments of deep sadness and pain.  Some of you experience it in the most challenging lesson of life.  But it is a real energy from the spiritual consciousness, out of the Christ essence of life. 

    And now, you are touched by its real flow of light.  As it moves through you a change occurs, it shifts you form the uncertainty to a place in trust.  It shifts you from the fear of loss, the fear of separation, the guilt from past lessons to accepting that from this moment forward you are able to receive love easier.  You are open to accept the love you need with greater joy and peace that you will open within the heart to respond to how love touches you.  The more you become truly touched by its presence the more the light of this explores, expresses and touches others.  In the vision of what you see this love brings,  a connection to many others, opening their minds to the acceptance of its healing within them. 

    In this moment as the earth is in its stages of change and much of humanity is being effected by many vibrations out of the hierarchical consciousness, there is a raising of human thoughts to new levels of practice, behavior and peace.  So science sees a mystery taking place, seeking to understand its meaning.  Many are recognizing frequencies not before witnessed or seen.  An awareness of new forms of science are coming through to open human thought, to what lies beyond what is known as this reality. 

    So accept, shift is in effect; change is in motion, to find love is the key, to bring about the new earth and what lies ahead in the next stages of humanity.

    So in this moment perceive you are apart of the many who are open to responding to that higher state of love and light and healing. 

    When you are ready and you feel yourself back into the physical body, feel your auric energy magnified throughout your field and bring those to you, your father, your brother, your mother, your sons, your daughters, your friends, your lovers, bring them in and truly let go of what stands between you as obstacles.  Simply see that what unites you is a thread and bond of love between you, an unspoken spiritual bond and a link of light.  And trust this and what brings to it the upliftment and change required. 

    And now, I am Annanius and there is excitement, more than you can see because out of these many beings of light there is a knowing of miracles in focus right now as we speak.  So hold your family in a state of new growth, new joy, new freedom, a playfulness of light, a celebration of love, let it be. 

    When you are ready.  ¡K When you are ready, bring awareness back into your self and feel your self grounding and touching the earth with new peace and so it is.