Black Rutilated Bracelet

This has a clear black and white character of Black Rutilated Bracelet.Clear Quartz is transparent and no cracks inside, Black Tourmaline inside of Clear Quartz.

Black and White forms a strong contrast between Tai Chi Yin and Yang energy. Clear Quartz has the energy to clean up, purify, balance, enhance.

Black tourmaline can prevent negative energy from invading your life, ward off evil spirits, guard against villains, prevent unwanted and nasty encounters, get rid of bad interpersonal interference, brings stable and practical energy.

It is the best self-protection gem stone.

Natural Interlaced Black tourmaline in Clear Quartz. Beautiful gloss on the surface of this bracelet.

This is rare high quality Black Rutilated Quartz, it is worth collecting!


Bead size = 15mm

  • $298.45

  • BR-8064


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