Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet

Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet
Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet
Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet
Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet
Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet
Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet

Blue Topaz Beads Bracelet

Top blue topaz hand bead bracelet
Top blue topaz is a beautiful gemstone that symbolizes peace and friendship. Topaz can help enhance expression and persuasiveness, enhance personal confidence, and make people calm things. It can improve the diseases of the respiratory tract and trachea, balance and regulate the function of lymph glands.
The ancient Greeks believed that topaz gave people power. During the European Renaissance (from the 14th century to the 17th century), people thought that rubble could break the curse and eliminate anger. For hundreds of years, many people in India have believed that topaz worn on the heart can prolong life and ensure beauty and wisdom.
The ancient Egyptians believed that the golden topaz symbolized the life-giving sun god. Wearing it can be blessed by the sun god, and it is also the guardian stone of beauty and health.
The ancient Greeks regarded topaz as a "strength stone". It had magical power and was a special medicine for treating liver, kidney, and edema. Eastern psychics and wizards also used topaz as a god stone when communicating with the underworld.
It is said that on a sleepless night, you can sleep peacefully by wearing a topaz ring and putting your hand on your forehead. There was also a record in medieval ancient books that sleeping with topaz under the pillow can quickly restore your strength. The next day Wake up early in the morning and feel energetic. Although there is no medical confirmation of this statement, friends who are interested may wish to try.


Inner Diameter: 52mm
(WxH) 11x11mm
40.8g (~1oz)
Ships in 2 Bus. Days


The name "topaz" is derived from the Greek topazos, "to seek," which was the name of an island in the Red Sea that was difficult to find and from which a yellow stone (now believed to be a yellowish olivine ) was mined in ancient times. In the Middle Ages the name topaz was used to refer to any yellow gemstone.

Pure topaz is transparent but is usually tinted by impurities; typical topaz is wine or straw-yellow . They may also be white , gray , green , blue , or reddish -yellow and transparent or translucent. When heated, yellow topaz often becomes reddish-pink . It can also be irradiated, turning the stone a light and distinctive shade of blue.

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  • $29380

  •  BR-8197

  •  Inner Diameter: 52mm

  •  (WxH) 11x11mm

  •  Ships in 2 Bus. Days

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