Genuine Amazonite Bangle Bracelet

Genuine Amazonite bangle, natural ore without optimization, total authentic, hand-polished grinding.

Beautiful Tiffany color is refreshing blue-green, Hard not to fall in Love with this one!

Amazonite represents the "hope, the stone of courage" with the ability to enhance the ability to express, to enhance communication skills, so that each other to communicate more successful and smooth.

Amazonite is very apt to show "flowing like a river".

It is said that this gem is very helpful for crooked picky people, it will make them more easy going. Also very helpful for who always thinks negatively.

Good for dealing with setbacks and challenges in work.

Fight bravely without giving up. Regain confidence, and not keep feeling down.


Inner Diameter : 57mm H:17mm W:8.5mm

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  • BR-8006U

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  •  Inner Diameter 57mm

  •  (WxH) 9x17mm

  •  Weight 60.8g (2.1oz)

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