Genuine Rainbow Tourmaline AAA faceted bracelet

This is a Gorgeous multi color teardrop Tourmaline bracelet.

Natural clear High Grade Tourmaline faceted beads hand made braid into flower like bracelet.

Black Tourmaline: Purification, protection Pink Tourmaline: Love, emotional healing

Rubellite (Red Tourmaline): Alignment of the individual and Universal heart, healing the heart and the emotions, rekindling one’s passion for life

Green Tourmaline: Healing, strength, vitality, wholeness Watermelon

Tourmaline: Calm, joy Blue Tourmaline: Higher awareness, communication

Golden Tourmaline: Will, confidence, inner strength

Dravite (Brown Tourmaline): Self-acceptance, self-healing, bringing the shadow self to consciousness, self-love

Tourmaline Quartz: Purification, recovery from negative influences

Turquoise: Wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion

White Phantom Quartz: Access to Akashic records, morphogenic fields and pas-life memories, connection with spirit guides, energy cleansing

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  • BR-8056U

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