Natural Flawless 5A Clear Quartz Bangle Bracelet

Very rare 5A flawless natural clear Quartz bangle, powerful! Natural magnetic field! 

Radiation protection! 

Increase memory! 

Cleansing and avoid negative energy attack. 

It is natural clear quartz laser material from Brazil, the output is very limited, flawless without batting and no ice cracks, very rare, due to the current hydro-thermal synthesis technology is mature, there are a lot of synthetic crystal products in the market, Genuine flawless natural clear quartz is relatively rare, not to mention or made of bangle. 

This quality of clear quartz’s price will only rise not fall. 

We can give you professional identification certificate if needed, you just have to pay a little bit of money. 


Only for you~

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  • BR-8005U

  •  QRC

  •  Unique

  •  Brazil

  •  Inner Diameter 60mm

  •  (WxH) 15x19mm

  •  Weight 117.6g (4.1oz)

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