Natural blue chalcedony pendant

Natural blue chalcedony pendant

Natural blue chalcedony pendant

Natural blue chalcedony ~ Hand carved ice beautiful pendant.

This is a beautiful high-quality blue chalcedony. Extremely pure, natural color blue, full of luster. The color is all natural, no artificial techniques like burning, bleaching or foaming acid have been used. The material is semi-translucent, pure hand-carved melon shaped, a symbol of blessing and auspiciousness.

Very fine and detailed carving, smooth lines, this is a masterpiece. This blue chalcedony has a variety of colors from different lighting angles, sometimes blue, sometimes purple, very beautiful! It is a very clear and transparent blue chalcedony. very collectors item.

Blue chalcedony is often recommended for people who have poor memory, impaired creativity, confused thinking, weak voices and a lack of courage. It can enhance communication and expression skills. Blue chalcedony can also help impetuous people to restrain their anger, achieve self-control, avoid the wearer's guilty conscience and burden of losing things.

The ancient Romans believed that wearing chalcedony could help eliminate evil spirits, protect the peace, avoid some negative energy attacks and was considered a good talisman for those who travel often. The blue chalcedony corresponds to the third eye which enhances spirituality and the ability to predict the future. Blue

Chalcedony: Calm, balance, centeredness, inner knowledge, communication.


(LxWxH) 20x47x14mm
30g (~1oz)
Ships in 2 Bus. Days


In ancient times the beauty and durability of agate prompted man to use it in both practical
and ornamental forms. It was believed that agate had unique properties that protected the wearer from dangers and promoted strength and healing.

Agates in general come in many different forms and are formed in at least five different ways. The main conditions necessary for agate formation, are the presence of silica from denitrified volcanic ash, water from rainfall or ground sources, and manganese, iron and other mineral oxides that form the bands and inclusions.

This stone helps prepare one for change and gives energy for projects and such.

It makes a powerful elixir which enhances strength and gives courage.
It stabilizes the Aura and transforms negative energy to positive energy.
Agate may be used for massage in sphere, egg or wand form.
Agate helps one focus on what they need for general well-being.

It helps one to analyze and come up with solutions to seemingly complex problems or issues.
Agate comes in many flavors, such as Blue Lace, Botswana, Moss, Breciated and many more! Each have the above properties in addition to their own unique qualities.

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  •  (LxWxH) 20x47x14mm

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