Phantom Quartz Bracelet

Phantom Quartz Bracelet



Inner Diameter: 52mm

35.2g (~1oz)

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 Phantom Quartz  Quartz

Phantom Quartz

Phantom usually occurs in rock crystal, but is also found in smoky , , and . Rock crystal is transparent and colorless . It commonly occurs inside veins where it crystallizes in rock cavities known as vugs or pockets Phantom crystal shapes can sometimes be seen in the interior of , outlining an earlier stage of the crystal's formation.

These phantoms are usually composed of other minerals such as chlorite, goethite or hematite are composed of other varieties of such as milky , smoky or even which form on most or all of the surfaces of the crystal at a particular point in time during its growth, after which the crystal resumes its crystallization enclosing the phantom crystal outline within itself.

Phantom is recognized by its characteristic phantom crystal within itself. It can be identified as by its crystal habit, transparency, hardness, and glassy luster.

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