Amethyst Pebble Bracelet

Amethyst Pebble Bracelet

Violet amethyst, irregularly polished amethyst bracelet with an elegant, mysterious and romantic atmosphere, clean, clear and round, is a good grade of amethyst.
The efficacy of amethyst can develop intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate on reading, and increase memory. It is very suitable for learning to enhance examinations, and also for academic study. Amethyst can enhance interpersonal relationships and give courage and strength. Amethyst stands for Gao Jie's love, and is often used as a love stone for couples. Amethyst also represents "the guardian stone of love" in Western countries. Amethyst can give deep love, enthusiasm, honesty and courage between couples and husbands.

Each size averages about 11x6x8mm

Suitable for hand-worn 16 or less, free to modify size



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Amethyst Pebble Bracelet BR-8074

Amethyst Pebble and Silver Bracelet


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