Fluorite Hanger

Fluorite Hanger
Fluorite Hanger


20g (~1oz)


The many colors of fluorite are truly wonderful. The rich purple color is by far fluorite's most famous and popular color. It easily competes with the beautiful purple of amethyst.

Often specimens of fluorite and amethyst with similar shades of purple are used in mineral identification classes to illustrate the folly of using color as the sole means to identify minerals. The blue, green and yellow varieties of fluorite are also deeply colored, popular and attractive. The colorless variety is not as well received as the colored varieties, but their rarity still makes them sought after by collectors. A brown variety found in Ohio and elsewhere has a distinctive iridescence that improves an otherwise poor color for fluorite.

The rarer colors of pink, reddish orange (rose) and even black are usually very attractive and in demand.

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