Fairy Wand Quartz

Fairy Wand Quartz
Fairy Wand Quartz

Fairy Wand Quartz

Fairy Spirit Quartz brings the joy of life to us in seemingly unbounded quantity. You should have a Fairy Spirit Quartz crystal or crystal cluster in areas of your home and office where you spend a significant amount of time.
These sparkling Fairy Quartz Crystals - also known as Spirit Quartz - are a natural Quartz from Brazil. They carry the energy of the fae folk. You'll feel that immediately when you hold them. They have a message for us and that message is to HAVE FUN. They show us how a little bit of sparkle can infuse our day with an added dimension that gives us a richer experience. They all sparkle and some of them are singers.


(LxWxH) 3x6.30x2.85cm
48.8g (~2oz)
Ships in 2 to 5 Bus. Days
 Fairy Wand Quartz  Quartz

Fairy Wand Quartz

Fairy Wands are beautiful and delicate Quartz crystals with an energy that mirrors their ethereal appearance. The frequencies of Fairy Wand Quartz activate the crown and etheric chakras, stimulating communion with angelic presences. These allies can help one to feel aligned with the intelligence and caring of higher-frequency helper beings and one’s own guardian angels. The ability to connect one to higher-frequency beings, makes Fairy Wand Quartz useful in opening to channel information or energy from the higher domains. Its vibration is quite unlike the sometimes overwhelming or intense energy of other channeling stones. This ally’s energy is soft, gentle and cooperative, a more gradual and progressive attunement to the higher realms. Fairy Wand Quartz can help those who become easily over charged by higher frequencies, or within whom higher energies may cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizzying or spaciness.

       These stone are most useful in jewellery or meditation work. They aid one in relaxing into the experience of shifting between realms and can facilitate a calm, focused meditative state.


       Fairy Wand Quartz crystals assist one connecting to and communicating with one’s guardian angels and other benevolent higher-level beings. They are useful in gently opening the channel between the Soul Star and Crown Chakra, enabling one to bring through information and understanding from the higher realms.


       Fairy Wand Quartz helps one to overcome fear of the unknown and fear of judgment. These gentle stone fill the emotional body with a soothing, expansive energy that assists one in overcoming any resistance to one’s spiritual path.


       Fairy Wand Quartz can be used to assist with the symptoms of a too-intense shift to the higher planes. It can be helpful in balancing headaches, vertigo and vision issues.

AFFIRMATION I open myself to attunement with the angels, Nature spirits and beings of the higher realms.

From The Book Of Stones Naisha Ahsian

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  •  (LxWxH) 3x6.30x2.85cm

  •  Ships in 2 to 5 Bus. Days

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