Genuine Aquamarine pendant

Genuine Aquamarine pendant, sunny breeze on a tranquility see, the sea is this kind of blue~ It will immediately make you feel calm and cool, ease and comfortable once you see Aquamarine. Aquamarine can  calm you down and to be brave. Aquamarine is the best guardian stone for voyager.

This Aquamarine pendant is engraved with the Formosan Blue Magpie standing on the branch of the five-petal flower. It is quite delicate and unique. It can be added with silver K or 18K gold  or Chinese knot necklace according to your preference.




Formosan Blue Magpie

(LxWxH) 20x25x11mm

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  •  Formosan Blue Magpie

  •  (LxWxH) 20x25x11mm

  •  Ships within 2 Business Days

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