Labradorite faceted briollette Necklace

Labradorite faceted briollette Necklace

Mysterious, elegant, shinning colorful blue light like moon light. Labradorite has magic power and protection energy.

Labradorite can stimulate our potential. It has calm, firm, long wave energy characteristics. For those who are prone to fatigue and often have poor energy, it can help strengthen vitality, increase physical strength, and endurance. Long-term workers can wear labradorite, which helps to add physical strength without knowing it, making it less prone to fatigue.

Often stay up all night essentials! Labradorite can relieve sore throat and relieve eye strain.

Holding a Labradorite to sit still helps increase the frequency of the whole body, strengthens your awareness, and provides insights avoid confused by the appearance.




(L) 36cm

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Faceted Labradorite

  • 4,650


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