Blue Kyanite Necklace with Lapis Hanger

Blue Kyanite Necklace with Lapis Hanger

This is a 100% natural blue kyanite necklace with smooth polished beads . The lightly included blue kyanite beads have superior color, and they are transparent! These beautiful blue kyanites have not been heated or treated in any way. Natural kyanite pieces with rich blue natural color were hand-ground and polished into large flat oval beads which were then drilled & strung in this beautiful blue kyanite necklace with a 18K Gold clasp and extension chain long 5 CM. 

Kyanite is an iridescent stone with sapphire-like blue colour with a silvery sheen. 

In ancient times it was used by travelers as a compass. It was believed that by hanging the stone from a hair it would fallow the Earth's magnetic force like a compass needle.

Blue kyanite brings cellular and total chakra alignment. It draws you inward toward your core, strengthening your will and vision so that you move in concert with the Highest Good for you and your kind. It’s the stone of finding your sacred center.




18K Gold Extension 5 CM

(L) 68cm

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Kyanite Lapis

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  •  18K Gold Extension 5 CM

  •  (L) 68cm

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