Lapis Lazuli silver Ring

Lapis Lazuli silver Ring

Set with a cabochon of very fine grained vivid lapis lazuli with minute pyrite (gold colour) flecks. The cabochon lapis is a beautiful royal blue stone.

Lapis Lazuli represents wisdom and power in ancient Egypt royal families. Lapis Lazuli corresponds to the third eye, it opens the window of your soul, strengthens your insight, and increases your ability to see through the essence of everything. Lapis Lazuli helps you to have a clear mind and brings you inspiration. It helps creative people to “think out of nothing” also know as “invented gems”. At the same time Lapis Lazuli helps to reduce your impulsiveness.

Gem diameter: 1.6 cm, Ring inner diameter: 17mm    




Ring inner diameter:17mm

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Lapis Pyrite

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  •  Ring inner diameter:17mm

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