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Beautiful Natural Golden Rutilated Quartz Crystal Wand

Beautiful Natural Golden Rutilated...

This rare large natural golden rutilated quartz wand was unearthed in Brazil and has not been processed in any way. We only use washed it with clean water, keeping it's original authentic powerful energy.You can recognize it is a self-healing crystal from the base. The Crystalline structure at the bottom surface was removed from its matrix or home. Like a metaphysical painting with many pyramids, mysterious and beautiful. There are some rainbow lights in the bridge crystals on the left and right sides. The biggest highlight is that more then half of the crystal is beautiful golden stars rutile in clear smoky quartz crystal. Shiny like a Sun, very powerful.This is a collectors item if you like authentic crystals~Golden rutile quartz integrates energy at many levels. It heightens the energy of other quartz stones and is an important healing stone. Illuminates the soul.Removes barriers to spiritual growth.Filters negative energy.Rutile quartz is an excellent stone to use if you need to change your direction in life. It soothes dark moods, offerring relief from fears, phobias and anxiety. The needle inclusions add intensity and transmission power to the crystal. Healers use this stone to aid respiratory difficulties, regeneration of cells, flow of energy throughout the body. It is considered an excellent balancing stone for a sad or weak heart.The self-healed crystal, having learned to heal itself, can lend this knowledge to the user and can share the experience of self-healing. This crystal takes situations, which appear to be devastating, and helps them to fulfill themselves-utilizing the law of the perfect order of the universe and the creativity of natural completion.A bridge crystal facilitates bridging between the inner and outer worlds, the self and others and the self and other worlds, It is beneficial when you are attempting to share knowledge with others or public speakers who lecture on topics concerning new ideas and avant-garde concepts.A bridge crystal is very useful for all type of teaching, promoting communication ties and understanding between teacher and student.

Super Seven Crystal
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Super Seven Crystal

This Super 7 I bought it in The Hague Netherlands. It has two beautiful DT points. You can feel it’s wonderful and powerful energy.Super Seven crystals are quartz crystals that encompass 7 different mineral variations that synergistically produce a therapeutic frequency far ahead. The seven minerals in super seven crystals are Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Goethite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Lepidocrocite. In order to obtain a perceptive understanding of this crystal lets take a look with each different mineral inclusions discretely.Amethyst is produced from trace quantities of iron and aluminum logically irradiated with quartz. It also provides quartz a wonderful lucid purple color. In fact, it is a gemstone of renovation, nurturing spiritual growth and connected with higher aspects of consciousness. However, Smoky quartz is generated from the natural irradiation within the Earth, providing the gem a “Smoky” brown shade ranging from light tan through to the deepest black or brown.It is a grounding stone and at the same time revitalizing and clearing the whole energy field. Rutile is a titanium oxide stone often originated in quartz and is a tough conductor and amplifier of power. It also opens your consciousness to multi-dimensional status of being, hence carry consciousness, responsiveness to your own natural mind reader, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities, as well.Cacoxenite produces with yellowy-brown minerals. This inclusion takes the occurrence of a gemstone to a superior level of importance, speed up the active purpose of a crystal. It also opens up people’s immeasurable field of cleverness that links to all creation, which enlightens several ways of creating silence and harmony on world. Goethite is considered as an iron hydroxide mineral, which is found usually around the world. This mineral holds the pattern of the Earth’s from origin through to seeding from different star systems through to our present and potential future realisation.It is one of the main crystals used for holographic re-patterning and change old and lifeless beliefs. On the other hand, Lepidocrocite is an iron hydroxide stone that generates as a secondary stone with Goethite, and provides a reddish-brown color to quartz.  Lepidocrocite supports and secures the active bodies facilitating the Soul’s physical experience here on world with beauty and simplicity. Lastly, Clear Quartz, which is silica dioxide, composes with the substrate that houses other minerals. It is the leading crystal for accepting your soul’s highest reasons and being a craft of divine service. In fact, these seven energies hold close to create a resonate frequency that facilitates spiritual growth on all levels of being.Super 7 crystals give an access passage to the unconscious mind to re-remember what your current role is and how you can survive with highest degree. These crystals seize you openly to any core that have you have been created in your lifetime in order to recognize what factors you are currently holding you back for your life purpose. Moreover, these crystals stimulate the Soul to its divine brilliance, and will push over until the Soul give up to transformation and expansion. They are also awakening the humankind to an open-minded way to achieve a physical experience from the Earth. You can put it under your pillow every night, and wear it over your heart. You can also hold these crystals as a cue that all of creation exists surrounded by you. You also have the control to surpass pain, and live each breath in meek gratitude for the divine within. This is also highly-recommended for anyone, especially who’s serious about accepting individual and environmental growth and walking through the lane of truth. Colors: Refer to individual inclusions Emotions: These stones are powerful, especially for metaphysical purpose and they are wonderful to utilize as they have tough and grounding qualities. They are also prevailing stones for both sacred and for intuitive protection. Super Seven crystals transmit a profound spiritual form that connects with all humanity. As you start to use one of these Sacred Seven stones, you may realize that within these stones exist in a spiritual being that is coming up to work with you. If you going to use the amazing assistance that these stone may offer you, you will achieve latest gifts and move forwards internally. Sources: The most delightful pieces of Super 7 are located in Brazil, with several smaller pieces of these minerals.Holistic Aspects:Super Seven crystals can help us to adapt to an environment and helping souls to incorporate into the third dimensional world, plus defend an individual against the cruel realities of it. It creates enthusiasm to be stay grounded and produce a reality that incorporates more than the known in a far and isolated place. Additionally, these crystals can help workers to recognize with happiness and the chances that exist on this earth for full level of transformation on Earth. These minerals can also be used for defense, channeling, and therapeutic for self and of course for our Mother Earth. Super Seven crystals are considered as significant part of this world, as they are such dominant assets.Other Features:Super Seven crystals are exceptional for improving all sorts of psychic capabilities and psychic skills such as mind-reading, channeling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, and others. Once you start to use these stones and create a connection to a person’s crystal, you can rise up your healing gifts to an upper level and shift your religious growth forward. In addition to, it is a great stone for crystal healing, and is admirable for curing body, mind, body, and spirit, as well. It also harmonizes the body, stimulates the body’s natural therapeutic system and relieves the cellular memory. Generally, Super Seven crystals are not connected with any one chakra, but it is mostly used for curing, harmonizing and revitalizing all Super Seven Chakras. Super seven crystals or the sacred seven gemstone. This gemstone is rare and is only found in Espirito Santo, Brazil. It is a natural phenomenon, the naturally formed super seven is a combination of seven crystals. Each of the individual crystals represent the seven main Chakras- ‘Amethyst,Cacoxenite,Goethite ,Clear quartz,Lepidocrocite,Rutile,and smoky quartz.

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Red Rutilated Stamp (Seal)

Red Rutilated Stamp (Seal)

This red-haired crystal seal is covered with red-haired crystals. The actual product is slightly different from the photo.The role and effect of red hair crystal:1. The red hair crystal attracts the main wealth and partial wealth; it can strengthen vitality, self-confidence, and health.2. Adjust female hormones, help treat women's diseases, treat weakness, low blood pressure, lack of luster, fragility and sensitivity. It relieves menstrual pain, harmonizes qi and blood, and is also effective in treating hormonal disorders.3. The red hair crystal represents the energy of fortitude, decisiveness, courage and perseverance, which can help the authority of the energy gem. It is a symbol of wealth. It is also the best in crystal, which means good luck, peace, and a symbol of taste and status.Red hair crystal is a symbol of power and nobility. It can prosper a career and turn right from wrong into a villain. It can bring you luck and is known as a lucky gem. Therefore, the red hair crystal is quite suitable for people who are depressed and have no energy, even sleep can not feel full, lack of concentration, it is quite necessary for the red hair crystal to supplement the magnetic field, the red hair crystal is your best energy supplement, extremely Has significant beauty effects. Hongfajing strengthens personal belief, self-confidence, and decisiveness, enough to give courage to complete impossible tasks. Fajing is a symbol of great power. For the timid, cowardly, and lack of self-confidence, the strong energy of Fajing can make up for the shortcomings.