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Rhodochrosite 925 Sterling silver Ring

Rhodochrosite 925 Sterling silver...

Rhodochrosite Properties and Meanings.The beauty of the rhodochrosite is simply undeniable.Its rose red and raspberry pink color will truly grab your attention.Even if this stone is usually pink in color, there are also rhodochrosite stones that are brown, yellow, grey, or white. It’s also a stone that can be transparent or translucent.Rhodochrosite has a pearly luster and it’s banded in layers of white to pink.It’s often mistaken as manganese silicate, but it’s the rose red color that makes it distinct.Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek word ‘rhodos’, which means rose, and ‘khros, which means color. It also goes by the name of Inca Rose, Manganese Spar, and Raspberry Spar.It’s mined in locations such as Argentina, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Spain, France, and Romania.Why Would You Use Rhodochrosite?You need a rhodochrosite stone because it will help you embrace your own personal power to achieve your full potential.It will make you comfortable in your own strength and capabilities, and it will give you the confidence to be anyone you want to be.Rhodochrosite will also restore your sense of wholeness.In life, there will be many experiences, events, things, and people that will leave you feeling broken. When you have the healing energies of rhodochrosite in your life, you will find the strength to pick up the pieces and start over with a clean slate.This stone will free the blockages in your aura and release all the negative energies lingering in it.When your aura is light and clear, good and positive energies will start to flow, and they will change your outlook.Rhodochrosite will give you a higher level of consciousness. It will help you build up your confidence to create the reality that you desire.This stone will also resonate with the inner child in you.You will be bolstered to reclaim the joy and playfulness in your life. It will inspire a hopeful and positive attitude.It will encourage you to be creative and to make use of your innate talents that have lain dormant.Rhodochrosite will also inspire you to become a more responsible person!