Rhodochrosite 925 Sterling silver Ring

Rhodochrosite 925 Sterling silver Ring

Rhodochrosite Properties and Meanings.
The beauty of the rhodochrosite is simply undeniable.
Its rose red and raspberry pink color will truly grab your attention.
Even if this stone is usually pink in color, there are also rhodochrosite stones that are brown, yellow, grey, or white. It’s also a stone that can be transparent or translucent.

Rhodochrosite has a pearly luster and it’s banded in layers of white to pink.
It’s often mistaken as manganese silicate, but it’s the rose red color that makes it distinct. ...

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USA size #9

(LxWxH) 13x44x7mm

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  •  USA size #9

  •  (LxWxH) 13x44x7mm

  •  Ships within 2 Business Days

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