Toni: Tonight we have the class that is working with the ray of planetary 4 in Revelations and to me what the revelation is being revealed to your self. What is being understood within yourself? Something is coming to you, to reveal, a recognition of your true path, destiny, insight, passion and power for the use of the highest intent possible for your consciousness and self. And to those who are in the keys and codes, the code and key relate to the Scarlet Ray and is symbolic and symbolized as the Ankh. There are interesting lessons about the Ankh. The Ankh being the symbol from the ancient Egyptians and it really is a symbol of unifying the female and male consciousness. It is really about the marriage of the feminine and masculine consciousness within you. It is a powerful symbol about crossing out the karma because the Ankh is very similar to the cross. The cross is meant to be the symbol of crossing out the karmic conditions or crossing the sin or what we call the mark of our soul's target. Scarlet

So these experiences are so profound for all of you and the opportunity is to break from the fears of being powerless and to focus on the vibration and the light as the psychics of energy that is predominantly directed for the right cause and the right experience.

Because we are in an influence of planetary energies from the planets in their orbits, the vibrations of these planets connect to us and present to us what we are here to heal and what we are here to learn from and what we are here to transform.

Saturn moved into Leo a few days ago and it will be there for 2 years. So as we know in the sign of Leo its all about being lifted up to a strong position of positive consciousness and to rise above the conditions which appear as the negative or darker side of self. And with Saturn in the Leo sun, it will bring the lessons to you that are most important for your learning in this time of your life. The highest part of all of this, is that its to bring you to joy, its to bring you to bliss, its to bring you to total heightened state of acceptance that you are on the right course of your life. And as it is with you, so it is with out. As it is within so it is without.

If your own consciousness sees your own self living in the light, functioning in the joy of your life, you cannot help but have the energy that affects what surrounds you and each one that is a part of who you are, experiencing that power in them.