Metaphysical healing using crystals has in some form, been practiced by almost every culture on Earth. Before we look at specific techniques, it is essential to get some idea of the underlying principles that inspired the use of crystals in healing.
Crystal Healing Healers of crystal healing state that crystals are "energy batteries", which can store and discharge spiritual energies. Some are able to heal people with crystal powers and back this up with scientific language. Crystal energies are based on the piezoelectric effect. Science has known about this effect for years. If you distort or squeeze a crystal, it develops an electric charge across itself, or if you apply electric current across a crystal, it will distort itself, or change its shape. It isn't just Quartz that shows this effect, other minerals have this effect too, such as Tourmaline.

A way to easily understand crystal healing, and especially how quartz is beneficial to health, is through nature and number. Each and every Crystal has 6 sides. In cross-section they are hexagonal, at the molecular level they are hexagonal and, as science slowly abandons the idea of particles of substance, in favor of energy waves and patterns, they are seen as hexagonal geometrised light-energy.

The perfect structure of crystals is the key that helps us understand them. The practice of seeing the "signature" of a plant was used by many herbalists, and was ridiculed as childish by the scientific establishment. In time, the pharmaceutical industry found the vast majority of the observations of the herbalists to be true through rigorous experimentation, and is now testing the works of many reputed herbalists. Unfortunately they usually isolate "active principles" to be reproduced synthetically, disregarding, that which cannot be measured with machines. The use of Crystals for crystal healing or gem healing, has been linked to mental, physical, spiritual health, chakras energy, whose Healing Power followers of the New Age, Psychic Healing and Atlantis and Crystal Healers have long revered for relieving pain, stress, depression, anxiety in the mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers believe this approach to alternative medicine is essential for ensuring health.

For Spiritual Healers, no stone is as essential to their craft as quartz. Embodying all the qualities they seek, it is the quintessential healing crystal. Part of this faith they place in Quartz comes from its scientific properties that make it useful in electronic devices. From this one truth, Crystal Healers make huge leaps in logic. They believe that its crystal formation can align the harmonies within the human body, that they can "program" the crystal easily, that acupuncture needles coated with quartz are more effective, and that it has the ability to receive and send energy.

There are countless varieties of Quartz, but we have chosen to focus on four major types for an example into Quartz Healing myths: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz and Smoky Quartz. The healing myths associated with other Quartz varieties, usually considered different enough from Clear Quartz to warrant their own discussion are Amethyst, Carnelian, and Citrine. Quartz has been an important crystal in history, primarily from the standpoint that it is extremely useful in industrial and commercial applications. However, compared to the nation-shaping effect that elements such as Gold have had upon the countries where they are found, Quartz historical presence is limited.

In ancient Egypt, glazed Quartz served as a substitute when no high quality examples of Turquoise could be found. The Greeks had originally named Quartz, Krystallos, the word for ice, but this soon came to mean any crystal. Quartz appears to be from the German "Quartz" but that word’s origin is not known. In China’s Ming Dynasty, Quartz often showed up as stone in jewelry work. In Pre-Columbian America, explorations of Mixtec graves have uncovered Quartz use for ear jewelry. In European history, Queen Elizabeth I’s court spiritualist’s crystal ball was Smoky Quartz, which is also the national gem of Scotland, whose national scepter included a large Smoky Quartz on its top. In modern times, it was the first crystal used in radio transmission and reception and was essential in the development of computers.

The ancient mythology beliefs, crystal mythology, and references to crystals, minerals, metals, semi-precious stones and rocks in Greek, Roman, Native American, and Egyptian Mythology are many. There are also Mineral Legends, mining folklore, heroes in mining, myths about jewelry, stories of buried treasure, Vedic Myths, and more. We have gathered the best legends, mythological references and rock folklore.

The ancient Japanese, who revered Dragons as a major part of their creation myths, believed Quartz formed from the breath of a White Dragon. To them, Quartz was representative of perfection, which, while unattainable, was worthy of pursuit. Indian culture believed it could detect food poison. Quartz played essential roles in the rain rituals of Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines. Quartz also graced the temples of Ancient Chinese. In Western culture, Christian relics were often made of Quartz or other members of the Quartz family and many thought it was ice in fossilized form.