Rose Quartz is a form of quartz that ranges in color from pink to deep red.

The pink can be almost rose red and some African verities border on lavender. The color seems to be caused by iron and titanium impurities. However the color of rose quartz is still not completely understood. It has been said to be due to a number of different minor impurities present in the rose quartz including titanium, manganese and even colloidal gold.rose quartz

The pink color in Rose Quartz is photosensitive and can fade in sunlight.

Rose Quartz is almost always massive, rarely occurring in small horizontally striated hexagonal prisms. Brazil is the only source of true well formed crystals of rose quartz. Rose Quartz crystals are thus extremely valuable.

Rose quartz has been used as a gemstone and as other ornamental and religious objects for thousands of years. Historically, it is a symbol of love and beauty.

Rose Quartz

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