Tonight we have the class that is working with the ray of planetary 4 in Revelations and to me what the revelation is being revealed to your self. What is being understood within yourself? Something is coming to you, to reveal, a recognition of your true path, destiny, insight, passion and power for the use of the highest intent possible for your consciousness and self. And to those who are in the keys and codes, the code and key relate to the Scarlet Ray and is symbolic and symbolized as the Ankh. There are interesting lessons about the Ankh. The Ankh being the symbol from the ancient Egyptians and it really is a symbol of unifying the female and male consciousness. It is really about the marriage of the feminine and masculine consciousness within you. It is a powerful symbol about crossing out the karma because the Ankh is very similar to the cross. The cross is meant to be the symbol of crossing out the karmic conditions or crossing the sin or what we call the mark of our soul’s target.

So these experiences are so profound for all of you and the opportunity is to break from the fears of being powerless and to focus on the vibration and the light as the psychics of energy that is predominantly directed for the right cause and the right experience.

Because we are in an influence of planetary energies from the planets in their orbits, the vibrations of these planets connect to us and present to us what we are here to heal and what we are here to learn from and what we are here to transform.

Saturn moved into Leo a few days ago and it will be there for 2 years. So as we know in the sign of Leo its all about being lifted up to a strong position of positive consciousness and to rise above the conditions which appear as the negative or darker side of self. And with Saturn in the Leo sun, it will bring the lessons to you that are most important for your learning in this time of your life. The highest part of all of this, is that its to bring you to joy, its to bring you to bliss, its to bring you to total heightened state of acceptance that you are on the right course of your life. And as it is with you, so it is with out. As it is within so it is without.

If your own consciousness sees your own self living in the light, functioning in the joy of your life, you cannot help but have the energy that affects what surrounds you and each one that is a part of who you are, experiencing that power in them.

Meditation begins:

So we are going to focus on those you know who need some assistance in their state of mind and state of thinking and state of physical expression. So our healing circle will include those of your own life. Your family members, your husbands, your children and/or your relationships and we are going to bring each and all into this experience, so that our light and who comes through to assist will touch their vibrations and assist in the greater good of their life.

So lets begin meditation.

Breathe out your pressure, anxiety and stress. Breathe in the source of the light magnifying in you. Now, we know that when we ask our egos, they all come together. And center within your forebrain, so you know you are gathering your awareness, your egos and they are focused. And you are magnifying vibrations that are transmuting, transforming and clearing everything surrounding you.

So perceive the egos right through the dimensions, the physical dimension, through the emotional perceptual, mental and astral and through all levels in the astral to the soul center and to the souls star light. Just visualize our radiance of energy is magnified at least 150 ft. around us, so everything in this surrounding area is empowered with Radiant White light and you can extend it. Just think, you are clearing, cleansing and magnifying the energy. And as that takes place its also clearing you. Clearing your mental vibrations, so that you can see clearly. You can think clearly. You can know clearly and you can see what you know and know what you see and accept it all unconditionally.

Now into the energy of the Gold Ray, the Gold is the up lifter, the empowered consciousness to transform thoughts, beliefs and consciousness that is connected to the doubts are the angers or the fears. Now, perceive you, in this radiance of the Gold light, you have such a power that you can see things, just clearly being raised to a new impression, a new resolution, a new action. Perceive that the light is connecting to your husbands, your friends, the one who comes into your mind and we just make that statement, be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind and open to the possibilities that are in right action for your life path. Perceive yourself being empowered with the joy of following through, with your healing and your transforming.

Now, we move into the Wisdom Ray and once more we remember that we are shown that the obstacles of our path become and are a part of the illusions based on the fear of the loss of love or the connection to the divine or the separation from the highest self. So for this we see there is unity, there is oneness and there is complete integration of the wisdom, knowledge and peace from the self that is the divine guidance of all conscious action.

Now we activate and move into the center of the Emerald Ray. Feel in you that it’s vibration flows through you and assists in the balance of all your consciousness. It assists you to be intuitive and rational. It assists you in balancing your female and male aspects of your self. It assists you in communicating with strength and courage and the empowerment of all you need for your own choices.

And now feel the energy of the Violet-Purple and we just affirm there is a total divine plan you have chosen to experience and it is what is guiding you with all the decisions of your own life and its opportunities. You surrender your fear and open to the power of the higher will, moving you and all who are apart of you, to the right experience.

Now into the heart center and let your heart center radiant the Ruby Red. Just feel your body and all who are in your mind, experiencing healing of the heart, matters of the heart, knowing that the healing process is absolute and working to achieve the balance for you and all who are apart of you.

And now into the Orange Ray and we ask that there be no false perceptions of ourself or those around us or all who are connected to us. And that we are removed from seeing false intentions or false projections and we are totally clear in receiving and sensing and intuiting what we need to be aware of, for the greater good.

Now into the Radiant Pink and feel that you see it all from the eye of the I Am. And you see it all in balance, in harmony and peace. You see your life and the lives of your own connections in balance and harmony and peace.

Now to the Amethyst and visually see this as the protector, the way shower, the preparer of the opportunities and trust. Trust in the resolution, which appears as conflict. Trust there is resolution in all the conflicting experiences.

And now Mint Green and we affirm that everyone, apart of this and apart of our thoughts and mind and energies, are able to see their own experiences with new beginnings and new action and understanding for new life.

And now the lessons for today, our Scarlet Ray, visually see it, magnifying in you. It is breaking through any thought of powerlessness or misuse of thought or misuse of intent. Its simply magnifying in your consciousness and in your body to help you be centered on your goal, your passion and your sense of action, for the soul’s experience in your conscious life.

And with all of this go deep into silence and just see yourself rising up through the level, Moving through the Rainbow Bridge and into and through the network of light and just go with the flow and be directed where it is right for you, in the Lessons of the Mind.

Message from Annanius

We welcome you into this circle of many beings of light. This is a time for recognition of the challenges approaching individually in your life but more the opportunity to raise consciousness for the earth itself. Humanity is at a time of great opportunities for changes. Transformation is the key and what changes are meant to be is the change of human nature to its recognition of something more than the limitation of its own self as the only reality. Seeing that the human reality is an adventure and an experience and expression chosen to be individually and collectively in a cycle of evolution through shifts and changes into a spiritualized society. It appears that change is very slow to take is form. It appears that the evolution seems so slow in its manifestation and yet from a prospective of a cosmic view, the collective consciousness of humanity has shifted quite fast in terms of its past history.

So the evolving has taken place through the mental as the dominant source and the ability to use intellect for technology has surpasses all previous existences. The integration of the knowledge has come in many forms and lives are entwined with all the technologies that have advanced the abilities of human life. But the spiritual aspect of the human family has been blocked or shut away until these past years, where the spiritual nature is becoming more open to recognizing itself as one with the universe. So you become apart of a great flow of energies to you and from you, which is uplifting many things, which are in need of change.

So in this time that you are focused on the empowerment of the physical through the transformational energy of the Scarlet Ray. You are personally releasing yourself from many old limiting ideas and are flowing and empowered with a transformational consciousness that will show itself in your path. So from this point of view think of you as a participant in the great event, as earth is in a physical way moving through shifts in its own path. The magnetic fields are also being shifted as vibrations of light transmitted from cosmic sources, are flowing through and into the earths own energy system. Within the flow of lighted elements come to you, energies of thought, ideas and sweet love, the light that brings a cosmic consciousness that allows you to feel and sense an inner bliss, not known in your past.

Think of this time responding to a sweetness of light, a cosmic event that moves you through the fears and darkness to a state of receptivity and joy within. From the network of light think of energies transmitted to the physical world, to enhance the opportunity and to find the true keys that bring the understanding of unity and oneness of all human life.
Know that from this level of mind, much more reveals itself to you and as the dream states begin to feel and respond to a new awareness of many levels. As taught to you, as revealed to you, the radiance of this light is a personal integration within yurself. But the consciousness of being aware of participating in the greater evolving of human life is imprinted within your soul

So as I speak with you, you will move through different levels of your individual conscious experience. When you have reconnected consciously within yourself the healing of this moment will extend to all that are invited within this opportunity with you. And the words of truth come, that you are in perfect divine order from a reality not known humanly but recognized internally and from the soul itself and as you so it is with everyone apart of you.

So in this moment perceive those in need of the light, reminding them of their own vibration and power of light, perceive them releasing all the pain and obstacles and conditions that are the experiences of the past. Perceive that whatever karmic conditions may exist that the form of transformation is strong and the reality of change is integrated in the now and the healing process is manifesting within each and all absolutely, in right harmony with themselves. Know that whatever choices are made, each choice is an opportunity to bring a cosmic truth into physical life.

And now we have a message, Jonathan is an extraordinary soul, not to be seen as a loss soul. He is very complicated and he carries within him many deep-sweated patterns of other times. He is a warrior. He is a peaceful warrior. He is an old soul but rebellious of this time of his life. He rebels against others whose authorities he cannot accept. But there is a level of integrity within himself and will direct his soul and him through changes that occur. As he struggles and rebels, simply perceive he is releasing in him, much of what was a part of his past. It will be good. A time comes when you see him, as you always believed he would come. Focus on transformation, change and acceptance of the man in him and the releasing of all else and so it is.

And to each and all of you, you are entering a cycle of extraordinary shifts within your selves. So as I speak, think, you are in a time of many joys and awakenings. Go in peace and may the light magnify in all that you do. I am Annanius and you will know who I am within you, go in peace.