Silica for glass, electrical components, optical lenses, abrasives, 水晶礦石類, ornamental stone, building stone, etc.


Microcline, 碧璽s, wolframite, pyrite, rutile, zeolites,螢石,方解石, gold, muscovite, 黃寶石, beryl, hematite, spodumene.




SiO2, Silicon dioxide.



Not present.


variable as the spectrum, but clear quartz is by far the most common color followed by white or cloudy (milky quartz). Purple (紫水晶), pink (Rose Quartz), gray or brown to black (Smoky Quartz) are also common. Cryptocrystalline varieties can be multicolored.


Widely variable but the most common habit is hexagonal prisms terminated with a six sided 金字塔水晶 (actually two rhombohedrons). Three of the six sides of the 金字塔水晶 may dominate causing the 金字塔水晶 to be or look three sided. Left and right handed crystals are possible and identifiable only if minor trigonal 金字塔水晶al faces are present. Druse forms (crystal lined rock with just the 金字塔水晶 showing) are also common. Massive forms can be just about any type but common forms include botryoidal, globular, stalactitic, crusts of 瑪瑙 such as lining the interior of a geode and many many more.


trigonal; 32.


Crystal habit, hardness, striations, lack of cleavage and good conchoidal fracture.




Striations on prism faces run perpendicular to C axis, piezoelectric and index of refraction is 1.55.


Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia, Canada, USA.






Glassy to vitreous as水晶礦石類, while cryptocrystalline forms are usually waxy to dull but can be vitreous.


Quartz can be used to dispell static electricity and also convert and redirect energy towards a beneficial state. It produces a naturally balanced, solid state energy field, modifying the energy available in accordance with the understanding user. Quartz can be used to amplify thought energy and body energy. It can assist in creation of power and can provide clarity in thinking to enable thoughts to more effectively influence matter. It is said that quartz brings the energies of the stars into the soul. The natural tendencies for quartz is harmony and it is recognized as a stone of power. It can be used to communicate with everything in physical as well as the metaphysical world. It can be used to transform thought into sound, producing the vibration associated with the thought affecting the environment with the discharged energy. All of the psychic abilities can be stimulated and amplified using quartz. It has the property of retaining calmness and clarity in every situation, decreasing negative energy that could inhibit emotional stability. It aids in perseverance and patience. Quartz水晶礦石類 were used in Lemuria and Atlantis for rejuvination and in the development of a complete civilization of incredible power and splendor. The misuse of these crystal is said to have ended these civilizations. Quartz responds extremely well to the heart chakra and the third-eye chakra. In the heart chakra, it helps to clear emotional disturbances, enhances the states of self help and self love. In the third-eye chakra, it enables one to focus more clearly with the mind to empty the mind. It also promotes reflection, magnification of images and thoughts. Quartz, when used for the crown chakra, produces a spiraling effect that remove the Kundalini for access to the spiritual realm. If one has not overcome personal will and open the crown chakra it can produce disruptions in the emotional, physical and spiritual centers. Quartz can direct ones materialistic energies towards the spiritual realm. Quartz cancels harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity. It enhances and protects the aura. Placed at the crown chakra during sleep it will bring clarity and wisdom to ones dreams. If worn close to the neck stimulate thyroid and parathyroid glands. If worn over the heart it will stimulate the thymus and increase the efficiency of the immune system. If worn over the solar plexus it simulates the bodies total energy. If worn on the fingers it stimulates the midas touch (what you touch turns to gold). If worn on the wrist it stimulates the meridians which represent the survival and protection of the physical and emotional bodies. When worn at the third-eye it stimulates mental clarity. When worn as earrings it provides balancing of the of the physical body. A single quartz crystal carried on ones body will assists in maintaining balance, energy and protection. When pointing a quartz termination up, it has given people outer body experiences. When pointing the termination down, it has produced a grounding effect. Clear quartz has been used by many culture throughout time. Examples of these are Atlanteans, Lemurians, Native Americans, African Tribals, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Australian Aborigines, Romans, Scots, Celts, Tibetan Buddhists, Brahmans and many other cultures. Quartz is one of the seven precious substances of buddhism. It is also said to one of the stones used in the breast plate of the high priest. Ancient priests used quartz水晶礦石類 to render negative energy impotent, to dissolve enchantments, spells and destroy all black magic. Romans used quartz for glandular swelling, fevers and as a pain reliever. In the Scottish Highland quartz set in silver and worn on the back was said to be effective for kidney disease. In medieval times quartz was held against the tongue to assuage fever and quench thirst.


Quartz is used in the treatment of the circulatory system, vertigo, dizziness, emotional stability, pain form burns, blistering from burns, burns, skin disorders, elimination of toxins in the body, digestive disorders, kidney disfunction/failure and bladder infections/failure.








Transparent to translucent, cryptocrystalline forms can be transparent, translucent or opaque.


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