Natural glass created by a meteorite striking the earth. Green in color with a clarity that makes it the only tektite that can be faceted.捷克隕石

The history of moldavite goes all the way back to the Holy Grail. At that time it was considered to be a holy relic with the belief that it came from "emeralds" that fell from the heavens. It was referenced as early as 1787, believing that the early people of central Europe used the stone as a talisman for good luck, worn as an adornment, and even used in bartering or trading. It may even have been used prehistorically as a tool. The stone was given as gifts from royalty to royalty, and that still holds true even today. Moldavite is fascinating to many because it is something that came from space, a place of great mystery, somehow allowing us to feel connected to that other world. In fact, it is the only known gemstone of extra-terrestrial origin. Because of that, the stone has become very popular among the New Age devotees, and the curious alike. Many believing that moldavite can be instrumental in spiritual evolution. It has been called the rarest mineral in the world, rarer than diamonds.