Message from Jove

I am Jove. I am most please to reconnect with many of you as former students of lives before. Remember the lessons you learned long ago and the path of the soul is the path of transformation. You are walking a path to assist you in refining your mind, your body, your soul and your spirit.

So think of all of your problems as a large stone for your feet on your path. The stone may become very large and seems as an obstacle in your way, but remember the obstacle is the illusion. The obstacle is there for you to see through the obstacle, to overcome the obstacle and to heal yourself from the fear of the obstacle. So if the obstacle is the illusion than you can see through the obstacle to its own state of nothingness. This is the key to your freedom of your state of confusion or fear. Therefore you must meditate and practice that your clear mind is so clear and there are no obstacles with your thought or healing. The obstacle may be illness or disease. The obstacle may be in yourself or what you observe with others. The obstacle may be the opportunity to raise your state of understanding.

So begin to look at the obstacle. The obstacle may seem like a member in your family. The obstacle may appear as your parents. The obstacle may appear as a child. The obstacle may be a place that you are working in. The obstacle may be the way you see your own life. So if the obstacle is the illusion than you must look through the obstacle to see the solution. And, the solution is the recognition that all is in divine order with the nature of its creation. These are lessons in your spiritual design and intent. So to understand your solution, you must meditate in that state of calmness and light and love. And in this state of meditating the vibration of the Radiant Will (Violet Purple) is magnified. The lesson for this healing is in recognition that you are connected to the energy that opens you to good things. Visualize you are walking along a path and it is the path of destiny and higher will. On this path blessings as lessons come to test your will and to assist you too embrace that you are in a right consciousness with your opportunities and goals.

As you are shifting into the Radiance of the Violet Purple Ray you are seeing yourself in a very peaceful state. Think of your soul in charge and all is in a rightful state. And as it is with you it is with all the obstacles that stand in front of you. So the obstacle is enveloped in the Violet Purple Ray. The situation is enveloped in a very beautiful Violet Purple Ray. And the energy of this ray brings into effect the balance of right action and higher consciousness.

The mental may not understand what is now in motion, but that which is you in the inner levels is most happy in what is taking place. Your life is very hard on many levels. Being difficult does not mean it is wrong. The road to enlightenment is not a path of easy access to everything. It is rather a path that requires integrity, honesty and focus for the mere good of humanity. So know this is the higher path that is set before a soul's journey. You cannot fully comprehend but you are intensely connected to vibrations that alter and change your experience.

So in this moment see all of your obstacles, whether they are relatives, friends, work, experiences of shame blame and guilt, bring them into the center of your energy field. Whether it is a child, friend, lover or husband, they all are in this circle as I speak. In this moment accept and expect right action is taking place in all situations.

And now the Violet Purple Ray is surrounding you and flowing in and through everything within you, your change is in motion. Accept that our guardianship over you is an opportunity for you to learn much in wisdom, love and light. Through out this event many shifts will take place, throughout your personnel life in your own consciousness. Now perceive, you are part the large family of light that is making changes in planet earth.

Now by the Order of Melchizedek receive as a blessing in your mind, body, soul and spirit and walk with love, truth, peace and gratitude and so it is.

When you are ready, open your eyes and make sure you are grounded. To ground yourself is to see the light flow down through your legs and out the feet.