You are all very powerful and the light and energy is very strong. So at this moment each of you just relax your body and bring your thoughts and awareness to the center of your forebrain. Perceive all of your egos centered in this part of you. Just know that we are all of one mind, one thought, one consciousness and we ask that the mind be in us, which was also in Christ Jesus and Buddha. We call upon the masters to bring to us the lessons of our soul's need. We ask that we be open to receive the insight and guidance to fulfill our vision and our destiny.

So perceive your egos are moving through your body and you are arising in awareness up through your physical, emotional, perceptual, mental and you move through the astral etheric body to the star center just up above your physical self.

And as the energy of your star center is magnified see it moving counter-clock-wise in 150 ft. all around you. Perceive that your energy is clearing your auric field and it is releasing any negativity that is surrounding you. Perceive that each of the centers of light within your soul is activated.

As the Gold is in motion, you are accepting you are co-creators with your higher self. Whatever sadness, depression, you are releasing it into the light. You are seeing, feeling and knowing you are open to joy and bliss of your higher self.

As the Wisdom Light is in motion, perceive it clearing any fears and doubts about yourself. Accept that the wisdom of the masters is understood by you and all of your conscious self. And that in this moment you are experiencing total peace in all parts of you.

Into the center of the Emerald Green perceive yourself releasing any barriers to your creative intentions. Feel this energy surging through you balancing all of your nature. Affirm that you are able to create what you intend to express. Experience, as I speak that you are open to abundance and prosperity of love and happiness and wealth. Accept that you are receiving what you need to create your destiny.

Now to the center of the Violet Purple Ray feel its energy flowing through you. Know that the way is made clear for who you are and what you wish to do. Perceive that you are in the guidance and the direction of the masters and angles of your life.
Now into the center of the Heart chakra, just feel the light healing you from the fears of being disapproved of. Whatever losses you have experienced regarding emotions and feelings of regret, let it go. Really accept and know there is a surge of light that is ready to heal your feelings about yourself. You are accepting that you have all the love you need to give and to share with others.

Move into the frequency of Orange and just ask that if you have any distortions about your members of your family and about yourself, they be healed. Just perceive you are cutting the negative conditions that are harmful to you and others. You are releasing yourself from negative bonds and conditions that do not serve you at this time. Feel the Orange Light releasing your self from psychic connections.

Now perceive the Radiance of Pink is just intensifying within you. Affirm that you are in balance and harmony and peace on all levels for your body, mind, soul and spirit. Feel yourself accepting the love of Christ and all the angels.

And now into the Amethyst, know that what your body needs to heal from Amethyst assists you in resolving conflicts. Now into the Mint Green and accept you are creating new ideas and thoughts and intentions for your life. Accept the vibrations and intensity of energy is working through you and assisting you in new visions. Perceive Scarlet being activated and it¡¦s vibration energizes you and intensifies your desires and wishes and dreams in this level of your path.

Now we go into a very, very deep level. Some of you will rise up through your own central vertical axis. Some of you will move into the planetary centers while others will move into the levels of angelic light. Know that you are receiving what you need to assist you through all changes.

Message from Annanius

The lessons of light are presented to you, as you are able to experience their truth within you. You are in times that are most difficult for bringing in the light. But your light is very effective in assisting changes for earth and humanity. So know that you are participating in a paradigm movement for new consciousness within the earth itself. It appears that in the human consciousness of the family of earth there are many resistances. It appears that the struggles of the human egos are greater than the understanding of the inner self and the higher self of light. But I tell you that the radiance of you, individually as a group and as a network of light is shifting through the negativity. You are making a difference in the most critical times of this beginning stage of the millennium of the new earth. So though, you may feel you are inadequate and without importance, you are important in this work. You are in service to the Christed Consciousness affecting those in a shift to higher awareness. You are each messengers being trained to respond to what love and light is manifesting.

So in this moment as I present my experience to you, you are surrounded in radiance of energies to heal you. I am Annanius and I am here at this moment in time to connect you to the greater realities of light beings in the network of energy. For you as an individual you are connected to many other beings of light and are in the presence of your light. There is great joy as there is a connectedness in motion that is manifesting powerful radiance of energy for peace.

As students of this work you art awakening each and every day to new insights, knowledge and lessons of challenge and it is good. In this moment there are many helping you individually to break the bonds that tie you to the past. All of this is to assist you in the recreation of a new world of living in the light. But yes there are many stages that must be accomplished before all comes into this reality. So you are in a stage of creating new opportunities of healing conditions of mind, body and soul. The more you are healing your own individual life experience the more others are being healed with you.

So as given through this opportunity focus on what you wish to create and ask that you be provided what is needed to fulfill your dream. Observe how you are changing inwardly and outwardly too. Let go of the fear that there be too much to do. Let go of the fear that it is all too great for you to be effective. You are all participants in the great surge of new consciousness for earth. And with all the angels that are present and the master teachers in this experience of light, be open to their link with you.

And as I speak, the Order of Melchizedek brings a blessing to this center. Know that what is in effect is apart of who you are and what you contribute. So now all of you as beloved students be at peace. May the great spirit of the Christ be apart of you and in you and lead you. And so it is go in peace.