About ACIL

It is an Amazing Meditation Course for Spiritual Enlightenment

A Course in Light (ACIL) is a Spiritual Path for Enlightenment and is based on the ascended master teachings as channeled by Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan.  A Course in Light is a powerful meditative and informative study practiced by thousands of students all around the world for spiritual development and enlightenment.  ACIL began as an informal group study who received transmissions of messages given through the channeling of Antoinette Moltzan. These incredible insights and transcripts from a spiritual source, became A Course in Light.

Today this spiritual journey is the life transforming experience of students in all walks of life. Messages from angels and ascended masters continue to aid in applying the techniques and lessons from ACIL.

ACIL never grows old and is amazing as it always seems to apply exactly to what is taking place in your life right now. With daily practice of meditation and activation of the current lesson, you notice profound changes. The result of becoming a light student leads to inner peace and development of spiritual abilities. If you wish to develop your own spiritual awareness ACIL will help you achieve this! You may have subtle experiences that touch your heart, mind and soul. With the continued practice of applying these experiences, many become teachers and practitioners of ACIL.

Enlightenment is often described as “being aware of everything as a source of energy and light.” The moment of experiencing a cosmic event is often explained as “a presence in which there is oneness and unity with all life.” Many spiritual scriptures consistently mention light in describing spiritual or mystical miracles. It is energy and light spoken of in the mystical way that is referred throughout ACIL.