The course, A Course in Light is our spiritual path through the enlightenment we hope to achieve. The course is a set pattern or path, which initiates us to work with the energy of our true self. Our soul is our body of light and our body of light is a composite of energies. The energies are relative to frequencies and waves. The first we work with is the White light and the second is the Gold. The Gold is the transformer that raises the energy source within the consciousness of you.

So Gold is a powerful frequency for change, for changing the essence of you physically, emotionally and psychically and spiritually. When the Gold energy is activated by your meditations, than the frequency move through and into you to link with what is within your mental consciousness. Your mental consciousness is a result of your brain mind thinking. Your brain mind thinking is what you have believed in, what you have been educated by and what you have experienced in your life. Because our experiences are very 3rd dimensional, very human and are apart of all the mental energies of others, we encounter a lot of the negative factors of belief. We become part of belief systems that are apposing the higher truth, which we understand as God as Light, God as Love, God as the Source and God as the essence of all Creation Is.

In the spiritual path we begin to seek to remember that we are apart of the Creator and that we are co-creators of a reality we chosen to explore. Our exploration takes us through adventures in our life. In the first phases of our life we are probably very subjective to the conditions of our parents and our schools and our way of societies expression. We kind of lose who we are, we get lost in a wave of confusing messages. Some of those messages are, who do you think you are, you are never going to amount to anything, stop that, who do you think you are going to become and/or you are just a dreamer. We have a lot of messages, which come in to tell us that we are not really of any worth, that we are not really of any capability, that we are really faulted, we are incompetent that we cannot function in a successful way and that is where many people come from. That is false images. Those are conditions of human thinking that limit us to a human experience but forget that God is in charge.

Now you are awakening to find your true self. You are awakening of finding your true self; you go through a process of limitation. You start to release yourself from what causes you to feel and to experience that state that I am not ok. And we are awakening to, I really am better than what I have been told and I am ready to find out who I am and what I am here for, so I can truly make God¡¦s statement in my life, that His promise and His essence is what my life is for. So we discover what does God want us to be in our individual reality. Some of us are nurses and teachers and have other ways to express what we were sent here to explore. We are trying to clear ourselves from what limits us from a small picture of what we are suppose to be. Our picture is to enlarge our state of being and to fulfill what we chose to what we really bring into this reality.

So for most of us who come into A Course in Light we come in with this realization we came to serve others, we came to help others heal, we came to recognize that we can help others communicate with their higher self, with their guides, with their masters, with their own inner teacher, we are preparing to help others find the keys in this time of our opportunities.

The Gold light in our lesson is about activating the vibration through you and allowing yourself to let go of these conditional thoughts and behaviors and experiences that have been very hard on the personality and hard on the body and difficult to express your soul. So with this we are going to go into our meditation and we are going to work with the lesson of the Golden Ray.

Meditation begins:

We prepare our body because our body needs to get still and to become open to the vibration of the light within and we do this by calling forth our egos. ... ¡K

Message from Azreal

Yes, greetings, this is Azreal. I see you. I over ride the consciousness within you. Be open. Be receptive and know that in this moment a shift occurs within you. You are walking a remarkable journey of change. You are walking a path that others of enlightenment have walked before. You are following a way that has been a source of great enlightenment to others before you came. You are walking the way of Jesus who encountered these experiences in His own time. You are walking a way that was taught by the ancient ones of many ages ago and you are experiencing its vibration, which is meant for you today, in the world you now live in. So the work of this is a profound experience and opens you ultimately to the practice of what you came to serve in helping others in their path. In the lessons that are now in your experience, you will deeply searching for what you know is the reflection of your lifes greater good.

Be still, mentally. Through the emotional part of you feel the radiance of Golden light magnified within you. When the fear is gone, when the rage has run its own intensity, when doubt no longer serves you, when sorrow no longer holds you, when pain no longer effects you, the joy is experienced in bliss as ecstasy of total peace with in.

Perceive in the now you are letting go of what has been the challenges of conflict. Love yourself and love whom you serve but understand whom you help is both important to you and how you help is revealed to you. So what you assume as your needs open to receive the blessings that come to assist.

For Jessica, perceive your mother is in this radiance of light. In this moment perceive her body is absorbing energy on all levels and yet understand her body and her are in a procedure of great stress. So the key is to see her mentally, emotionally, psychically and physically in a flow of the soul, with its light intensified and that healing is in motion. Perceive her body and she are in a high state of healing opportunity. Know that her help for her healing includes others as well as you and that her life can be more in harmony as she is in part of by being served by others

And for you Isla, you are a teacher, a perceptive intuitive mother and overseer with great vision for your state of opportunity. Know that your world includes both the challenges and the victories of what you see and know in your spiritual consciousness. You are a free spirit in so many ways. You rise above the conditions others see and know there is power in a higher reality.

And for you Eula what we see, you are in preparation for great things that transform you into what you have always wanted to be but this is a time of absorption and integration through transformation. All this is in the right time for you for you are ending many things, patterns, karma, old issues and rising through and into a new prospective of your empowered healing opportunities. You are being challenged as well as receptive to a higher thought.

And for you Karen as the assistant to this work, you preparing for important opportunities of sharing the faith, trust, the experience of your personal development growth and service. You are beloved beyond words and you are close to who I am and what is meant for the work to unfold.

And to the channel what we see is doors will open more expectantly for the work to have its place in the greater picture of this age.

And now for all of you, focus on those in need of the light and to assist them through the challenges of their path. Judge not others by their accomplishments or the failures. Judge not others by what appears as the oppositions to their knowing but see all in this time period of change and great uplift and release of healing of Cosmic Consciousness.

Now with the radiance of this light flowing through you and your body absorbing it within you, just release tension, fear, anxiety, pain, trouble, worry. Release it and open to the power of love within you and the transformational consciousness.

As the light moves through you perceive it moving in a clockwise motion and perceive there is a strong force that keeps you safe within and raises the consciousness in you and all that you do. Know that each one apart of your life is receiving your thoughts and your light.

Go in peace and may the light of the Christ be in and through you.