7-18-05 L2 Blue


We are in the lesson of the Wisdom Ray and you have heard the song about the blues. So the downside of the blue is that you get the blues, fearful, doubtful, sad, abandoned or down or rejected and that is the downside of the Wisdom Ray. But the high side of Wisdom, it allows you to see with an understanding, trust, that all things are new and in place. Wisdom out of the Blue and it puts you into that space where you can feel connected, synchronistic and in harmony with the light of truth and knowledge and wisdom. The goal for this part of the process is to help yourself being relieved from mental emotional and psychic impressions, which may cause you to doubt yourself or to feel alone or you feel like you are going to be abandoned or there will be something that will put you in a hole. The healing is the understanding that there are divine laws, which are the principles of mind, thought and love.

So we begin our meditation as we always do to begin the process. Relax; your body is peaceful, accepting all possibilities that are available for the right experience in your life.… … …

Message from Marcus

In this moment the vibrations of your individual self glow with great rays of light. Aura energy around you is reflecting many colors but the vibrations of the Wisdom Ray pre-dominate over all others and the lesson is you know peace. Not as a word, not as an idea, not as an idealistic desire but as a state of you. The peace that passes all the knowledge of the intellect, a peace that over rides all the questions of the egos curiosity, a peace that understands when the trust from the light as love within.

When you attain that state of where you walk in the light of peace with who you are, with what you desire to accomplish, what you search to achieve, what you lean towards in becoming, than that peace gives to you the freedom to attain and perceive what you most desire to become. And with that peace, the healing in you becomes so strong and affects others.

So we notice in this time that you all link with many others who need calmness, tranquility, the heavy blanket of confusion is over all in this time frame of human life. So the essence of the Wisdom Ray interacts with this confusion, frustration and conflict against the very source of living in the light in peace.

So as I speak perceive yourself in this radiant sphere of Blue and it expands beyond what you see, beyond what you hear. In this moment you can invite in this place of your personal space those you wish to see gain more understanding and tranquility. Just invite them to be from soul to soul and mind to mind and heart to heart with you and just let go of expectations and procedures to change their experience. Just be, the essence of peace. Just be, the source of light. Just be, the power of love. Just let the force within, be the healer of all that is.

Fear is a base reality, a condition of human nature in its long journey through the earth. Fears began as a separation from its source and fear isolated the ego from the higher consciousness, it was. So fear of loss and fear of losing and fear of being rejected, hurt, fears of death, all are conditions that the light is working through, altering and change. Just know, you are letting go of the base fear. And as perceive fear, perceive it as your teacher that brings the lessens of your healing and guides you to the door of love. Remember this: When fear becomes your teacher and not the enemy than you are no longer resisting, you are accepting and in memory (or remembering the) of the greater good involved.

Now perceive, whatever the fear is, the teacher of your soul and now you are wrapped in its vibrationand the Radiance of the Wisdom light takes away the deep fear of loss and replaces all that has been released with the vibration of wisdom and truth and love.

Fear comes to you in many disguises and often furious.

So whenever the fear in you seems stronger than all of the other parts of you, breath in and breath out and just know the fear is released and you are at peace with strength and wisdom. To all others who are apart of this meditative experience, healing is in effect. Where there is pain, let there be a filling in that comforts you in harmony and release. Where there is resistance, conflict, a sense of resistance to food, let it be, all comes to their own place in time, when they recognize a higher reality, whether it is in body or spirit.

And now, I am Marcus. Your acquaintance to my vibration will become more common. Nothing is worth losing your sense of wisdom, when you are confronted with opposition, hold your center, be like Zen master that knows the power of love and truth is greater than the fear. And so it is.

Know your life and your opportunity of being touched and blessed and so it is. Go in peace.

When you are ready bring your thoughts and awareness back and see yourself totally and completely connected to your body and grounded on the earth.