All the levels are remarkable but Planetary 8 particularly deals with the causal system within the soul. Pl 8 is like the level of grace. Its like releasing within the karmic patterns within the soul system, any other remaining conditions. It is like entering into a stage of grace and it is awesome. So the white light and meditation procedures are very similar.

Those who are in the Planetary 5, this lesson is all about clearing and 5 is relationships. So the number 5 always deals with relationships, group service and family activity and that is really what this whole year has been about. This particular level of the light work really emphasizes that. So interesting how your stuff is coming up, in families, jobs and its all group service. Your commitment to what do I do, do I get a job or am I committed to doing my creative writing and following a path less traveled. This is very synchronistic for where you all are at.

Meditation begins:

So our class begins their new levels and we have planetary 5 and planetary 8. We combine these in a meditation which is universal and which meets the lessons for each one that is participating. We also know there is a lot more here than just the physical students because the masters tell us that we are a vortex or a center and there are many drawn to this. They are drawn for the purpose of deeper understanding within their spiritual level of light but also as participants to help raise the vibration of human consciousness in earth. Its exciting to always start another phase and we always begin with the Christ light or the White light. That is appropriate because it sets the pace for the total spiritual journey of the lessons of light in the level you are participating in.

So we begin. Relax your minds. Feel your body's becoming very still. And feel yourself empting and releasing your self. ¡K ¡K ¡K

Message from the Masters

Yes, all who have come to unite in this activity, perceives yourself connecting to the radiance of the Christ Spirit and all that it magnifies, manifests within you and opportunities that demonstrate divine love in the activities of life. Ask that you see clearly who you are. Ask that you affirm your openness to know your purpose and intent. You have come to the crossroads in which you are releasing yourself from the fears of your childhood, the fears of making errors in judgments and releasing yourself from failing in your mind. A failure to recognize your own gifts, release this. There are no failures; there are only opportunities to grow, to attain more opportunities of service and light.

Welcome those who come to you in thought or vision. Recognize them as faces that appear to you or you sense that you are apart of beings, angelic beings and others linked to this transformative service for human consciousness.

So remember that the Order of Melchizedek's purpose is to bring the light for all souls to find the way and to transform through human opportunity to their greater spiritualized self. All walk the path that was presented by the Son of God as the light of the Christ spirit. All masters serve the same Supreme Being and Creator of All that is and that all paths unite in the ultimate state of oneness.

Ask that you see clearly what is your heart link with family, with service, with community and with others, that you find your harmony, your synchronicity with what blends with your soul's path. Trust, the doors will open, the way will be made known and accept there is many struggles that occur but out of the struggle becomes the strength, the courage, the will to move past the obstacles.

Now perceive this radiance of White light as the network surrounding the earth. Perceive earth as a star within the universe and this network of light connects all who are rising to a higher state of conscious acceptance of their role within this unity of love and light. And where you see the darkness and where you see the denseness, cloudiness, the confusing conditions blocking the higher law, do not be discouraged but focus and see that the light within all can be ignited in time. See yourself as part of a great community that unites many on all different paths of service and growth. Know that all paths bring both truth and conditional fear for the lessons to be learned.

Those who are in the stage of soul casual healing just accept you are opening the door to the records of your soul; you are opening your mind to sense and see what is the connection with you in other life opportunities. But you are breaking from the hardness of the past and setting yourself free to the higher law of grace. And within those of the communities and families and the focus of service in light, see yourself being touched with your creativeness and open to all that lies ahead of you.

And when you are ready to enter into the pyramid work of light, accept your magnetic field is already set. And you come into its own space and bringing thoughts and those who you are connected too. See them here, right with you and sense they are clearing their confusions, intensities and simply are opening to what is necessary for personal growth and development. And for those who need healing, we ask that the bodies in need of balance, alignment, structural change and other challenges of the physical nature perceive that all needs are meant and all situations are resolved to bring the greater good into effect. And where there is an intervention and need for medical attention that it¡¦s all in proper order. Perceive all in need for physical wellness and spiritual integration be brought into the center of the light, holding them in receiving the touch of the masters of their soul's consciousness.

Now perceive, each and all that are bonded by the mind and the heart are all in receptivity to this great celebration of the Christ Spirit and the Cosmic Consciousness that is manifesting in its own flow to those open and receptive.

Go in peace and may the light in you touch all apart of you.

And when you are ready, bring yourself back and you will feel a total release of challenges and burdens or fear and so it is.