Message from AzrealMessage from Azreal

Greetings this is Azreal, we have been observing, I bring to you consciousness to assist each of your lives to raise to a higherdegree of personal understanding. Much healing is in effect as I speak and many are participating in this event that you have come to connect with. Through the ages of time, there have always been a gathering of beings that oversee what is meant to be in lessons of humanity.

This is a year that has many challenging events of the Earth and within humanity. We of the hierarchy cannot control what happens in the physical aspect of Planet Earth itself but we direct thought, energy, light and healing into the collective consciousness of human influence. And to these who are open and receptive to the light we bring, there are new contracts and agreements that seek to fulfill a greater good for humanity’s evolution.

You have each and all passed through a shift of consciousness in Planet Earth as well as you. It is recognized that the magnetic field of Planet Earth is moving through its own space of change. You have each entered into a new age of consciousness. An age is a long, long, long time in a human experience of life. You are in the beginning stages if an Aquarian Age of Light. It is meant to become an age of where the evolution of humanity reaches higher states of spirituality. It is symbolized by a sense of water being poured over the Earth, representing a consciousness of bringing more wisdom and understanding into human souls and human bodies.

So the symbol of this moment in this time of your festival of light, accept that you are being rained on by the Consciousness of Christed Light. You are all in a receptivity of a clearing of much of your thoughts and opening to a new inner strength and a new sense of being connected with humanity and Higher Consciousness.

So I ask each of you to visualize the Earth and it’s receiving of light upon itself. To visualize you are part of a connection of energy that is bringing a greater sense of wisdom and love throughout all of humanity’s experience. These are the impressions, the indications of the movement to bring greater wellness into human life. Though you see and though you sense there still is chaos amongst all the challenges. Focus on an energy of light that brings a shift into all receptive to its greater good.

Visualize and see that consciousness from you is connected to all humanity’s perceptions of greater good. If you could see and truly know that this festival is more than just a simple experience of your own. Each of the festivals is movements of consciousness, seeking to integrate guided consciousness for healing you and difficulties of mankind’s negativity.

So perceive that where there is chaos and confusion and warring against each other that you are the source with minds and hearts that direct the light to a change in consciousness. Know that amongst all the hierarchy there is a great sense a level of wisdom and knowledge and peace will grow and more and more will be touched like the light of love.

So I, as Azreal representing all who are in this activity of light present to each of you, a moment in your time of this life where you are participating a unity of humanity for a greater direction, for resolution for peace. There is much in motion to accommodate these interventions and you are part of many that are unifying in the hope and the intention of empowering the minds of humanity for a greater perspective of

living in love. You are overseeing by all beings that are on assignment for these direct indications of change.

All that has been said, all that has been in motion are like seeds that have been planted in the gardens of life and you are like the gardens where the seeds of wisdom are expressed. Let their growing and let it be, the Higher Consciousness for you and for all who wish to participate in change. It is complete.

So I release you now to accept in yourself you are being touched with the visual reed and archangels and participate. Walk in peace and may the light of the Christ is received all that has been said and all that is touching you.