Angels are real.

They come as inspired moments of thought. They give a sense of healing when the fear is so strong. They cannot tell you what to do. They will guide you for what is best for you if you allow yourself to receive the visions, the instinct, the knowing, the voice or the acceptance of their presence in your life.

You have been connected to many as well as the ascended masters that transmit into your understanding, consciousness of Divine Law, Divine Principle and of Spiritual Awareness on many levels of


So, yes, I am Andrew. It is good to speak and to review and to redo the awareness that you are all a connected link that is bringing into effect the True Source of being love, faith, hope, joy and peace. Be a part of this wave of change in effect. You are aware of the tremendous challenges that have come as a force that is annihilating the free will of humanity and seeking to over-power the resources of the Earth for purposes that are not in the environmental developing experience for balance. You are aware of the forces that have no Divine Law to govern their law but only act from a perspective of live or die.


So healing is taking place and bringing many, many, many people into recognition that they cannot let the forces and that kind of activity be the ruling experience in Planet Earth.


So I remind each, you are part of many that transmitted the desire in your heart and soul to come in at this time to be the healing warriors of light, to be the healing presence of peace, to be the listener, the comforter, the assistance to whatever is in need of being mended and uplifted. Do not perceive yourself inadequate or important or not enough or without understanding, rather see you are radiant living human being awakened to the Source of your Higher self’s consciousness and presented with the light in its truest form, in which healing is taking place.


So, I perceive in this moment that whatever may appear in its most chaotic state, it is an aspect of the Earth shift predicted sometime ago. The Earth shifts are in effect through weather change, through geological changes, through resources in which Earth itself is changing its land and its environmental experience. Though there are very few reasons in your mind to see it as a healing event, it is a healing event. Know that you have all of your requirements in your hands and within all your attributes; you are divinely guided in this walk of your life.


Though it has been challenged, but at times your sensitivity seems much too intense, you will manage to walk without being harmed in a way that is blocking you in the work you want to do. 

So as I speak, I ask you to recognize yourself in this work of light and this network of light is an extraordinary vibration that moves across the globe.  Your thoughts become sent through the network and there are those who receive the thought, the intention, the light that you have created.  Just as whales have sound that they communicated through the many, many miles and mountains apart, this network of light is the  waves and the consciousness that is being receptive and received by those with an open mind, a open heart, a spiritual vision to make change possible.


As I speak and the Crystalline Energy is intensified, just visualize you are experiencing a great shower of light that is ammoniating all the vibrations of the Crystalline Energy.  Let the frequencies and the light in its Rainbow of color magnified and perceive that you totally and completely are released of every doubt and every fear and released of all uncertainties you are facing in the now.  Let it be you are walking a path as a spiritual teacher facilitator light being on a road to bring peace into each and all conditions of life.


As the Network of Light is in effect there are countries surrounding very challenging conditions being touched and released from the entrapment of their pass.  Visualize and see children being given the right to exist, not governed by hate, not governed by conditions that narrow ones opportunity but are being lifted into new experiences that allow their lives to bloom like a flower and live their life for the assistance of helping others.  There are millions and millions of souls who truly are connected into this perspective of life.  There will be such a shift that unity of mind and unity of understanding will truly be a source within the mind and heart of many.


And now feel the Crystalline, the clarity, the sense of total release of the worries and the challenges.  Send the light to those who have lost so much from their material path. Send them all they need in assistance and for forgiveness in all of their path and it is so.  

Let the light be bright, let the words touch the mind, let the essence magnify and heal what bodies are requiring for their balance.  Let every light being, light worker connect as a family of an uplifting human being in a spiritual consciousness for Divine Love.  It is so.  


Archangel Uriel, also Michael, many are in this stream of consciousness all enjoyed by seeing you opening to this awareness of healing all that needs its change.  Walk in peace and may the light of the Christ be in and through you.