8-1-05 L 2 Violet-Purple

This is the lesson for level two and the frequency ray we are working with is the Violet- Purple, that is associated with the will center. As you are in this a particular stage the intensity of the lesson affect you emotional and sensitively or psychically. So whatever has been stored in your own emotional nature, that may have memory or experiences of disappointment or anger or things not working as they should or could in your estimation, those are vibrations that come up. It shows up as a anger or frustration or a disbelief or a doubt. I remember one student saying, ¡§I am very mad at the masters, nothing ever works for me and all my life I had to do things on my own and I don't know why I have to do this and its not fear. So our will center can carry in it hostility and regrets over comparing yourself to what others may do or feeling you have not been given justice, fairness or a sense of rightness in your life. That negativity can cause a lot of harbored, repressed, unspoken stress energies. 
The good news is that you are in the process connecting to that which heals the issues within and opens you to explore, that true sense of your higher power and higher will which can see things in their own way working out. That there is a divine order in all the chaos that appears. The ultimate goal is to be free from the judgments you make on your self and the other things that you are apart of. So justice and law and judgments are issues that show up within this lesson of the light.
(Meditation begins)
So lets begin. Relax. Let Go. Let go of holding on to things that need to be freed. Let go of clinging to thoughts or feelings or fears that block you. 
Focus your thoughts; gather awareness and all of your egos to that sacred place within you, the center of your forebrain. And know that the ego of personality, physical body, the organic and cellular systems are connecting, all seeking to bring the right consciousness within and to heal what truly is in disorder and disharmony within. ¡K?¡K?¡K
Message from Jove
Be still. And know. That you are receptive to what is in effect for your awakening to greater possibilities in your path. Open your mind to see your path as the absolute way of your life¡¦s choice. All of your paths are different. Your path, your life, your experiences are yours uniquely presented for your own development and growth and healing. Though each of your lives is uniquely different there are many similarities you reflect, back and forth, between each other. Like mirrors you reflect either the shame and guilt or the joy and peace. You can mirror from each other the reflection of your most spiritual self or the uncertainties.
As I am speaking the uncertainties are being addressed. Though you do not know the next steps that lie ahead. The steps that are most important in this moment are the steps of change and the steps that lead you through the old patterns awakening you to the new stages of your own state of wellness. 
So I am Jove. My presence presents to you an awareness of the ancient ways. The times you held deep inside when your life was uniquely different and focused on the ultimate desire of enlightenment. Enlightenment comes as a subtle unknown realization of your connection to all that life is. And to all others in their life, not entangled but as the observer and the light that connects, ¡K ¡K the oneness within all things. 
In this moment think of the Violet-Purple lessons, not just as energy but as a complete experience of being intone with a order of a spiritual nature that is resonating with you in a conscious way and bringing an energy flow, releasing much pain. 
Yes, it is difficult to see the greater good when you recognize the suffering of many others. When you see in the earth itself, a deteriorating of its natural beauty and the loss of much of its natural resources. There are concerns of like deep in the realization that the changes will be faced through the chaos until it becomes the place of inner peace and harmony for all. This is the outer truth. This is the outcome of wisdom and light. 
In this moment let go of your fears of yourself, in your choices of what life has presented and your experiencing within it. Bless what you are. See it all as a adventure, a journey through a marvelous time of living. 
And now for each of you there are those of your lives you are concerned for and the light is a reality that is affecting the healing process. So bring to the center of the circle those of your concern, your family, children and others in the work of light. Perceive that the link between each and all is bound by the will of the Divine Source of God and release your concerns that they cannot be attained. Let go of the thoughts of the impossible and hold to the possibilities of all, yet, to unfold and trust in the miracles of your own lives. Now just hold each one as though they are in a perfect opportunity for their personal development and growth and that the word of the Law of Love overrides all that appears as fear. 
Now were the physical selves seems in difficulty magnify the light and see that the body is restoring itself through progress and change. And that healing flows and connected too that which assists its own balance, medically, spiritually, physically and mentally and so it is. 
When you are ready bring awareness back within your own conscious self and release. Accept that light flowing through you is moving in a clock-wise-motion, magnifying itself, protecting you and sealing the energy so the healing transpires effectively. Go in peace and may the Light of the Christ be in and through you.