We are in the lessons that include Planetary 7 and planetary 4 and the light ray is the Mint Green. We all know that Mint Green is the frequency that goes through your system and works with the cellular consciousness and all the physical levels of you and to bring new life into you by rejuvenating, re-creating, regenerating and to set new vibrations of your physical, mental, emotional and perceptual self. Before that rejuvenation, recreation actually transforms you face another part of you that is going through the death of the old. We think of cleaning our shin and getting rid of dead cells. Well inside of you there are a lot of old patterns that also are in need of being released, cleared and clean.

So when you enter into the lesson of this light ray your symptoms may appear that you feel very exhausted, vbery tired, that you may want to rest because it is the letting go of the pressure, the pain, the consciousness of resistance that needs to be removed one more time before you feel the exhilaration, rejuvenation or the new light that is beginning as a new seed within you.

For those who are in the planetary 7, your key is a symbol of a cornucopia and within that shows food, the harvest of the seeds of your thoughts. You also notice there is a symbol of the horn that represents the sound of the announcement of new consciousness coming to bring new life for you.

What do you do with all this energy that is coming to you How do you cope with it How do you help yourself process What expectations do you have and what do you focus on to breakthrough the old and op[en to the new To some of you, you find that you just have these thoughts that go through your head. Some could be old anger thoughts or old conditions or situations that you seem to feel are not appropriate in your life in you to face this challenge. Others may have a sense of need to really clear out, clean up some old died issues. And really look at, how can I make things in a new and better way. And some of you have a new surge of creativeness you want to express and that¡¦s your soul giving you the vibrational energy to assist you, to make this happen.

So with all this surface information we are going to go into a meditation and we will also include a planetary light network of energy for the earth and our planet and we also include a healing session for your family and your friends that are in need of new growth.

So lets begin. Allow yourself feel your egos and awareness centered in the forebrain. Accept that all your awareness and egos come together as one, one consciousness and one vibration. Perceive that you are agreeing and creating a contract with yourself. The agreement and contract is that you are open to discover what you need to develop and you are ready and willing to let go of what is not serving you as you would love it to. So open this contract and agreement knowing that your egos and yourself are focused on this new stage of your spiritual integration. So with all the egos, personality, physical body, organic cellular, higher self and soul, move with awareness to the star center of the soul¡¦s body of light. Some call this the Merkaba, the vehicle of light. Its your body of light that you move in the space of your mind or the space of the universe as you know it. The body of light magnifies itself and it becomes like a sphere all around you. It could be like a Star of David. It could be come like a triangle or a pyramid and however it appears to you, this is your vehicle of light. And it is energized and is associated with the energies of light.

So at this moment just visually see all the centers of light magnified, so you become like a rainbow of energy with White, Gold, Blue and Emerald Green and Violet Purple and Ruby Red, Orange and Pink and Amethyst and Mint Green and Scarlet. As this energy is in effect, the focus is on the Mint Green and this energy is so wonderful because it moves you through stagnation into action by new thought or perception, by new ideas or by new intentions.

Take a moment and if there is any part of you physically, cellularly, organically that needs the energy to stimulate and to heal, know that the energy will move into those places in you. It could be physically within your head or within your torso or spine, it could be within any part of your physical nature in need of new growth, new vitality, a clearing. Some of you may see yourself in a place where you are pampering your body or pampering your own physical surroundings to just become in touch with all the wonderful fragrances and aromas that come from nature and come from the sources of nature and from the animal kingdom. And the exchange between yourself and how nature provides a source of new life for you and it is good.

In this moment think of yourself being rejuvenated deep within and should there be any fears of what you must think of letting go. Accept that change is a process that evolves you to a better more ascended state of being. As you are experiencing the flow of this light, when you are ready you will simply move through the different dimensions. Moving the RainbowBridge of light, from Silver into and through all that carries you into the next phase of consciousness.

Ask that you receive the messages that are appropriate for you. That messages and messengers come to you are ones you see or feel or be touched by their presence with you. Ask that those of the Council of Light, the teachers of your soul are present in this moment and you will hear what is appropriate for you. And you will guided to what you need to experience within. ¡K ¡K ¡K