You think of God as the Source and its up there, which is the Mind of that Source and it filters through all the different levels and different expressions of life. The Cosmic Consciousness is the level where you are totally in tune with universal understanding. Where you feel so totally one with everything that is. So that if you were in Cosmic Consciousness and you are really there, you can have a grasshopper on your hand, you would be connected to it. It would no longer be an insect but you would feel the spark of life or the energy of that in a similar way, as you know yourself. Anyone who has experienced Cosmic Consciousness sees within everything, patterns of light.

Christ Consciousness is what I perceive as another level and this is where we learn the teachings which Jesus brought to us or other masters who have that same purpose as His in raising the consciousness of others and bringing them through the Karmic wheel into the law of grace. All religions have their teachers or masters that are their Gods. Each of those who are part of that, have demonstrated some form of truth or wisdom or light and have prepared a way for people to follow and to find their path to a sate of enlightenment of to a state of higher consciousness. So that is what our Course of Light is, a path that prepares our body, mind, soul and all of what we are to go through what we need to break from, our old patterns and establish new thought and enter in to new stages, where we can live by the Law of Grace which Jesus taught us. So that is Christ Consciousness, demonstrating the Law of Grace or seeing within others that Christed Spirit. The Namaste is like another word for; I greet the Christ in you as you see the Christ in me.

All most all forms of practices of a spiritual nature will have a form of greeting. Even in the marshal arts, they bow to the master in you or the honor of you or the reflection of what is the higher attainment of yourself.

So the Crystalline light is the vibration that comes to us. I see them as raindrops but they come like little diamonds, they just kind of rain down, teardrops all around but you can start to feel it in your head. Its hard to explain but you can just kind of feel like things are going on in here (Toni points to her head). Old stuff, sometimes it hurts and sometimes you get a big shift. You take a deep breath, you let go and Wow I don¡¦t feel that way anymore. I don't feel that pain of tightness, its like I feel really clear. I wish we could be like that all the time and we are not. But more and more you get to become like that.

(Penny commented on the intuitiveness.) Right, the 6th sense is part of our evolvement, out of our conscious human limited 5 senses and opening to the other true part of our self, our natural 6th sense.

I don¡¦t know if this is true but it seems the lighter you become the heavier it feels. Its like the more you are clear, the more you realize how unclear everything is around you. That¡¦s when it becomes challenging because you can walk into a room and it feels like pea soup (clouded) or you could be going through a room and it seems like some kind of energy, that is conflicting. (Penny; being around some people that have the drama and trauma going on) Thats it.

Meditation begins:

Just allow your self to be totally relaxed and simply accept that all of your egos and awareness is centered. Remind yourself that this center is your seat of human consciousness. This is your human nature and this is your control center of your human nature and with your egos together in that center there is a merging of their consciousness. So, you can be single minded, one mind, one thought and one consciousness and with this you have the ability to move through the different levels. Think of your self physically with these bodies, you have your physical body, perceptual, emotional and mental and that is your 3rd dimensional self. Than you have the etheric body and it to has many different bodies of awareness but we connect them all. See them as astral etheric consciousness.

And we move to the 5th dimension, which is the dimension of soul. This is your soul¡¦s focus and the star center is the communication point of your soul; soul is not bound, by body and soul can travel through any level. It has its own vehicle of light, the Merkaba. The Merkaba is your vehicle by which the soul can travel through time and through places to other dimensions. Soul is connected with you because it is the human part that soul is fulfilling its own destiny, its own record, its own needs and its own intention. So your body and human nature that when it merges with soul there becomes a partnership of a new level of acceptance, of soul as the governor or in charge of being of your light. Your human self is not denied its will; it unites with the will and becomes a surrendering experience by love.

So in this moment simply see you are a vehicle of light and you are free to move about, to travel and to enter into the network of light by choice.

We are taught to rise up through our own axis like the earth and move within that framework of technique to shift into these higher dimensions or what we know as our planetary centers. We are connected in our planetary centers with many we have never seen, with many we are yet to know and we are connected with beautiful guides, counselors, teachers, masters and the Christ.

Message from Annanius

Accept as I speak that this moment is a shift in you, individually. A shift becomes awakened or you become awakened to this shift as your senses physically and your senses soul wise expand. The word expansion is relative to the abilities of greater knowledge and abilities in light.

Already each of you, have been expanding through the different stages of your individual progress. Your senses are more active on all levels. You sense smell; you sense touch, all of your physical senses. You have stronger reactions to all energies surrounding you. And in the levels of the light you are more aware of your participation with other beings and their connections with you in the processes of raising the energy levels to be more in line with the Christed way of love.

The lessons that each of you walk through are not simple. They are apart of the lessons of becoming a master of your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit. A master is one who is able to see, understand and grasp the experience as the lesson, as the demonstration, as the choice and seeing it from the view that it is the opportunity for you to demonstrate unconditional love. To attain such achievements is not easy nor is it simple to walk the path, it is filled with many obstacles.

But as you are recognizing yourself being freed from your limited thinking and past challenges your mind and all that you are is awakening to a much more freer state of being. What is the free state of being? Its knowing that as you are, you are in choice of presenting what you know, what you are learning, how you are growing and accepting it all in its truest state of grace.

In the Keys and Codes you are experiencing as I speak a flow of light and the Crystalline light ray moves through and into all that you are, not from the source of yourself but by that which comes from the hierarchical consciousness. It is like the tears of light that carries the wisdoms of the ages. It is like the unseen vibrations but the power of the force of release. It comes like a shower, raining upon you and you find through this that your thoughts are clear, that your openness to see becomes more a reality. You are able to see through the illusions, recognizing that the illusion is practiced more directly through the human experience. But more from the cosmic view and with the Christ Consciousness within you, you are simply seeing through the illusion to the pattern and light to its truest reality. In this energy you may see many colors, like the view of seeing the diamond and recognizing the brilliance within it. The diamond is the symbol but it becomes a force of energy that surrounds you and affects you and where you move quickly through the changes necessary to unlock all the resistances and fears of the past.


So accept as I speak that the light is magnified.  It comes to you and within your time and lifespan; you will be constantly receiving insights, information, knowledge and wisdom.  Gradually moving you out of the unknown to the experience, known qualities of all that mind is.  It is the search of those who have longed to understand what is hidden.  It is the consciousness that is activated to restore the union between the human nature and the God-self as the higher self in light. 

So as you are responding in your own manner, be patent with you and recognize that this comes through in a constant flow as long as it is necessary to finally achieve what you came here to become, free and open and in a source of joy with all the energies of light. 

And now, in this time with much activity know as influences of a planetary nature, these challenges are bringing to the human mind, opportunities to overcome patterns of it¡¦s past.  This is a time of transformation for human consciousness and many of the earth.  Not each of the earth will make the transformational experience but each will form a decision within, to evolve or to be held back by the conditions of their own experiences from past lives.  You will see the suffering of human nature beginning to diminish.  Much of what now seems as the worst of all conditions of human life will begin to change.  An equality of human living will become more of a standard that is part of the evolving systems of the societies of the nations of the earth.  The Crystalline Light is not a onetime experience; it is a constant activity that is affecting shifts in changes bodily, mentally, emotionally, perceptively and in ever way cosmically. 

So in this moment simply see the consciousness of the Crystalline light magnifies and you are open and receptive, you are accepting, you are finding its flow and it moves through you like a gentle wind that blows through you.  You cannot grasp it.  You cannot hold on to it.  You can simply know that you are suddenly swept into it and it is good and just be.  And as you find your self clearer, less confused, more centered, more in tune with your intent, you find things move more freely from within. 

I am Annanius and the initiation of this moment for you is a recognition through change within you.  Your moment of Cosmic Consciousness will be individually recognized.  To some it will be long before the end of the cycle of 2011. To others it will be far past that stage but from other perspectives and living in new dimensions of light.  Let go of fears that the earth will die or human life will be annulated.  In every way the plan is to be where human life becomes more comically clear, internally and externally. Live your life without the guilt of what you cannot do.  Live your life without the shame of thinking you have made mistakes and have much to blame.  Live your life without the constant condition of uncertainties of your trust.  Trust in what you know to be, the living light guiding you through all reality.  Let that be your code.  Let that be your key in this radiance of wisdom light and the love energy and all that is part of the Crystalline light, let it flow and let it be. 

When you awaken you will sense that a part of you is mentally clear and emotionally in joy and so it is.  Go in peace.